Source: What’s on Netflix

Lucky Luna has you taking the role of Luna, who explores mythical temples and hidden temples to unlock secrets of her past.

In this 2D platforming game, there is no jump button. According to Netflix Geeked Week, players will have to swipe at their screens in order to guide Luna as she falls further and further into dungeons. There will be a story mode, an endless mode with a leaderboard, and other features which enhanced replay value.

The story behind Lucky Luna is based on Japanese folklore. It is said that the game takes inspiration from the bamboo cutter, who finds a princess from the moon inside a piece of bamboo as a baby.

This game is only one of fifty games said to be part of Netflix’s movement into the mobile gaming sphere. Even more titles are likely to be announced as the year goes on.

Lucky Luna is available exclusively for Netflix members with “no ads, no fees, and no in-game purchases”. It will be available as a mobile game for both iOS and Android devices, and released at some point this year. Interested? Then check out the trailer below.

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