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Kingdom Hearts Coming To Disney+

Is Kingdom Hearts coming to Disney+?
Kingdom Hearts III (Credit: Square Enix)

It has been reported in the last month that Kingdom Hearts might be coming to Disney+ as a CG animated TV show.

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series made from the collaboration of both Square Enix and Disney since 2002. According to IGN and Tech Advisor, this report of the TV show is coming from reputable entertainment journalists. One of the journalists being Emre Kaya of The Cinema Spot.

According to Kaya, the series is in production, but Disney passed the torch to Square Enix to be in charge of the show. Square Enix reportedly made the pilot episode from Unreal Engine, a software that is meant to create video games. Kaya reports that it is most likely going to be in CG animation and not live action.

Screenshot of Emre Kaya’s tweet regarding Kingdom Hearts coming to Disney+

Lastly, Kaya also states that casting is underway. This was on Kaya’s twitter and not on an exclusive article due to other insiders knowing of the project as well.

Screenshot of Emre Kaya’s tweet regarding Kingdom Hearts coming to Disney+

One of the other entertainment journalists also claimed that the voice actors of the new show will be the same ones from the video game series.

This comes after rumors of Kingdom Hearts becoming a show since 2002. Which was when the original game proved to be a success. Though this isn’t the first time Disney wanted to make Kingdom Hearts into a TV show.

Kingdom Hearts III (Credit: Square Enix)

Kingdom Hearts III was released back in 2019 and is the most recent installment to the video game franchise. Kingdom Hearts III was met with good reviews from IGN and Metacritic, but has largely been received mixed reviews, as shown by Time and Polygon.

But keep in mind that there has yet to be an announcement from both Disney and Square Enix as of writing this.

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