Documenting A Death


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Alice Cooper decided to film a  documentary about the life and death of Jughead Jones. This included a series of interviews including one with her daughter. I thought it was insensitive for her to capitalize on her daughter’s love one, but I’m for certain it will help in the long run. Alice also told Betty that she knew that she killed Jughead because of her mental history. If Alice was so sure that Betty committed the murder why would she continue to film a documentary instead of helping her daughter? This made no sense to me. Alice and Betty had to clean up death in their own home, Alice is sleeping with F.P, and she wasn’t quick to help Betty make sure no evidence would lead back to the Cooper household. I believe that the documentary will help prove to the police that it was the stonewall prep students all along and how it led up to that moment in the woods. The stonies think they’re smart enough to cover up a murder because they don’t know Betty and Jughead like they think they do, but then again………neither do we apparently.

  A Fake Relationship?

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I was thrown off by the kiss between Betty and Archie in the music room, but then the pieces came together. The group of friends needed to create a school scandal to cover up the fact that Jughead is still alive waiting to find out who the real murder is. The scandal definitely got the school talking and the lover’s side-eyeing. At one point in this episode, they had to confide in each other to ensure that there were no true feelings between one another. I do believe that Betty loves Jughead, but apart of her wished she had Archie. It was Archie who told Betty that he just wanted to be friends, Jughead was never her first choice. I thought it was shady how they texed each other at night about the kiss when they both confessed to their lovers that it was nothing, so maybe it isn’t. If Archie truly doesn’t feel anything for Betty, he shouldn’t text her outside of their “fake relationship”. This could lead to Betty getting some kind of hope that she will eventually be with Archie for real. It’s a possibility since Jughead and Veronica are shoe-ins for college. These are the only two with no future ahead. Maybe this pretending will end up being the real deal and maybe Betty was just pretending to love Jughead so that she could get over the fact that she won’t ever be with Archie.

The Nail In The Coffin

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Betty and Jughead did a great job at making his death feel so real, I was losing my mind at the thought of him being gone from the show. His death seemed so real that they all ha to come clean to their parents and family about the secret operation. It’s clear that Dona is the brains behind the murder and that Bret is just her bit**, but we’re now waiting to see who the real Donna Sweet is. Thanks to Hermosa, they will have an advantage on her next move if she has one. She panicked about the thought of Jughead’s death being real because she was responsible and F.P got a tip to search their rooms. Bret even admitted out of his mouth that they killed Jughead, which means Betty didn’t do it. I was convinced that she did it unintentionally, but there is something about Donna that makes me suspect that she has a serial killer mindset. This might not even be the first time she has killed someone. She may even be behind the mysterious legend of the stonewall five. I just still don’t understand why she would target Jughead? What is her motive? What is wrong with Donna Sweet?

Rating: 5/5

I’m loving this season more than the others because of all of this drama. I was really convinced that there would be no more Jughead Jones. It truly is what Jughead would call a “perfect murder” except he’s not dead. This story will probably be the best Baxter brother’s novel ever made or he could go on to publish a series of his own. Either way, Jughead, and Betty fooled me good. Betty isn’t fooling me with the “fake relationship” either which I thought was real. This was also the reason why I loved this episode. The idea of Betty turning on her best friend for the boy next door had me steaming. This was the best acting so far this season even though I felt like they could’ve expressed more sympathy during Jughead’s fake funeral, which would’ve really convinced me. It made almost look like Betty killed Jughead to be with Archie, but like I always say anything can happen in Riverdale. I’m excited to see what Hermosa found out about Donna and their next chess move if Betty and Jughead give them mercy to do so.

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