Hey guys I’ve been gone for some time but I am back now, so I apologize for that. So now, let’s jump right back in. Quick recap Athena stumbled upon a rapist because of a drone situation. However, the rapist gets away and more evidence comes to light. They start locating witnesses and building their case, all while searching for this perpetrator. In the meantime, life goes on. May is getting ready for prom, Michael may have a new lease on life, and the 118 continues to make daring rescues. Just another day in the life of a Californian.

Moving on. Will Josh ever get away from his attacker? He has a choice on whether or not to face him in open court and get closure or to just let it be. He is conflicted and shares his concerns with Maddie who doesn’t offer any advice. Athena learns so more information about her perp and it looks like she might go investigating a remote location but who knows where that will lead. I’d say insert daring rescue here, but this time one lady’s actions have a sort of snowball effect. She decides to steal a city truck complete with a worker on the lift. She barrels down the road and runs into a powerline. Saving the tree but neglecting her dog. The 118 is called and they set about trying to rescue the lady. They call in to try and get the power turned off but before they can a transformer blows and some of our characters get trapped in precarious situations. Michael gets stuck in an elevator and emergency call comes in with a man trapped in a freezer. Maddie does her best to help him, but the man succumbs to the cold and falls asleep.

The 118 has to go old school to try and get the freezer open and they rescue him with and ensure he will live. But it seems that Michael may have made a love connection. They talk and get to know one another while they are stuck in the elevator and he learns the guy is single. And as expected Athena investigates the coffee shop and finds a self-storage facility. She finds a door opened and in she goes to locate this perp, by herself, during an outage with no backup. That makes absolutely no sense and of course, he’s there and not its a game of cat and mouse.

You might guess what happened. She is attacked and has to fight this man like Tina fought Ike in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”. The worse part is that everyone sits and listens as she fights for her life. Bobby, the whole of 118, Maddie and Josh, and then after listening to this brave woman be attacked, they all converge on the self-storage facility in a dimly lit hall, they find her. She is badly beaten and bloody, but the suspect is down and caught. Bobby calls Michael as soon as he is rescued from the elevator and before he can exchange info with the handsome elevator stranger he rushes off. You can see the disappointment in the stranger’s actions.

Michael prepares the kids and they all rush to her side. Bobby is visibly distraught and refuses to leave her side. So, she’s roughed up but fine and now everyone has to deal with the aftermath of Athena’s attack. On a lighter note, Karen thinks Hen is cheating on her and she has been investigating and Karen drags Chim into it. Hen seems to have been lying about her whereabouts and Karen thinks this might be the end of their relationship. And now she drinks, but not alone, with good old Chim, who is Hen’s BFF. They proceed to get drunk, only to find out the Hen is thinking about going to medical school. But Chim is sad to see Hen moving on, after all, that is his BFF.

Can we just say how well Bobby and Michael’s relationship is written? Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of Athena’s attack, no more so than Bobby. Michael sensing how he feels and feeling the same way feels the need to get rid of some negative energy and demolishing that ugly fireplace is the perfect place to start. Together they bond and deal with those ugly feelings so that they can move on and take care of the kids. Athena’s attack also pushed Josh to make a decision about his attacker. But right before the episode ends, Maddie takes a call about a train derailment, and the voice sounds very familiar. Then we glimpse red hair, and then we get a full view, and it Abby, whom we haven’t seen since season 1 because she ran off to find herself after her mother passed and dumped Buck. Until next week and the finale………