We open to Katy working on an outfit for Ginger and even though she and K.O. Live together now, she feels far away from him but is hoping to make everything right on Valentine’s Day. Jorge wakes up to a snack of a man. Pepper need $20,000.00 by Monday.

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Alexander, who Josie has been seeing, bought a beautiful silk robe for a “special someone” with Valentine’s Day coming up. Katy tried to get Valentine’s Day party off but Gloria said no. Then Katy stuck her foot in her mouth and it is unclear if she works or not. K.O. baked Jorge/Ginger’s wigs.

911 was called about the fire in the oven. Jorge decides to ask his boyfriend/non-boyfriend out on a proper date. Things with Katy and K.O. are not ok. Things are really strained between them. I think they are going to break up. Katy decides to work the night of his fight. Josie cancels her plans with Alexander in favor of working on her song instead. She met someone who could help her improve it.

Jorge’s snack is going to come to see him perform as Ginger! Trying to come up with the 20 grand, Pepper “dates” some rich men. She is closer to honest with one gentleman but he wants something in return. Later on, while she is freezing in her loft, Pepper calls the gentleman back saying she’s game and gets them into the show where Katy is working. As Josie is working on her song, Alexander bursts in acting like a jealous lover. K.O. Surprised Katy at work and got blood on silk. Then he found out she could have been at his fight. Jorge broke up with his snack Buzz. He is back on the market. Katy is really afraid she lost K.O.

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What happens with Katy and K.O.? Do they stay together or finally break up? Does Pepper get the $20,000.00? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…