If you have been following CW, they have had some challenges lately, between allegations to personal, firings, new shows being added to the lineup, and uncertainty if stars will be resigned to a number of the DC TV shows.

This past Sunday, CW finally announced when you can expect the season 5 premiere of The 100, and as a number of other announcements, you need a checklist to catch up. My early recommendation with all the comings and goings set your DVR to record your favorite shows now.

The 100, is being bounced around yet again, and will be joining the Tuesday night lineup after the Flash starting on April 24th. The Legends of Tomorrow used to be in this time slot, but is now being moved to Mondays. In the meantime the new DC show Black Lightning will be in the Tuesday night slot to start the year and I expect The 100 to start airing after that is completed.

CW also announced the premiere date of more returning shows. The Originals will air Friday April 20th. Izombie starts Monday February 26th. This year of CW TV is going to be a headache and quiet confusing. I hope you’re ready to find when and where you favorite shows are airing.