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We open to the obviously need to be done introduction to Katy Keene. Gloria, who I am taking to be Katy’s boss has called her in early so she can’t call in sick and have fun with her boyfriend. There was a fashion emergency and she was needed. The emergency happened to be an exclusive client. Katy is very pretty and a fun sense of style. She is trying to land the personal shopper position at Lacy’s. Katy is getting a new roommate. Come to find out it is Josie from Riverdale.

We already see that Amanda at work does not like Katy. Is she going to purposely sabotage Katy’s shot at the personal shopper position just to be mean? Josie seems pretty lost. She is new to New York and is looking for a job. Jorge tried out for a musical but didn’t make it. Yes, Amanda is going to be mean.

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Even though Amanda tried to sabotage Katy, Katy managed to pull through. Unfortunately, the gal was gushing over Katy’s dress in front of her boss. I don’t see this ending well. Josie had gotten approached by a major player in New York, Alexander Cabot, to sing for him and she nailed the audition. Katy’s boyfriend KO has been accepted to a gym in Philly that he wants to train at. He wants to move but wants to wait for word on Katy’s promotion.

While Josie nailed the audition, the song didn’t impress the other people needed to make the record. Completely humiliated Josie walks away from Alexander. Alexandria, Alexander’s sister is a piece of work. Katy didn’t get the job. It was her dress that cost her the job and got her exiled to the stockroom.

Jorge auditioned again as Ginger and was called out. Just when I think Ginger is going to slink off, defeated, she tells the casting director where to shove it. Instead of a night of drinking the gang goes to Lacy’s and has some fun. Unfortunately, fun is cut short so she can help Francois.

With the show just starting, will Katy decide to move to Philly? Or will she stay put? Will KO stay if she doesn’t want to move? As bad as this is for starting a new series, I was seriously ready to dislike this show. I figured it would be just another teen show. I was pleasantly surprised to see the show’s diversity both in the ethnic department as well as in the lifestyle department. I love the apartment they all live in. I will admit some confusion though. I thought Keene was a Nancy Drew thing given that they have a Keene High School and I have seen other things with the name Keene on it in that show and I thought I saw it in the books. So when Josie showed up and they were talking about Veronica Lodge and Riverdale I was so confused. Can anyone shed light on this for me? Let me know in the comments below, please. Til next week…

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