Fans have been conflicted for months about the likelihood of “Scorpion” returning next fall. Although the show did snag a fourth season last fall, the constant complaint from fans has revolved around the direction the writers are taking the show. And that is without a doubt affecting its ratings.

According to TV Series Finale, the ratings for “Scorpion” have a higher drop rate than any other CBS show; the drama surpasses “Madam Secretary” by a whopping six percent in year-to-year percentages, but still rakes in just 5.2 million viewers. Viewership and ratings have a strong pull when deciding which shows CBS will renew, so looking at those numbers make the fate of “Scorpion” seem bleak.

However, syndication may save the day for Team Scorpion. With a projected 93 episodes under its belt by the end of season four, the network could wrap up the show as is and try to make a profit by syndicating the episodes. But with all the baby talk going on and the tension rising amid couples, the writing could be leading into another season to further secure a syndication deal down the road. Whether another season would be worth the production costs incurred to CBS has yet to be seen and may ultimately decide the fate of “Scorpion.”

As stated above, it does seem that the writing is confident in the ability to snag another season. It’s not out of the question to see the show end with the tension between Walter and Paige as well as the pregnancy woes for Happy and Toby. And, the fact that starlet Katharine McPhee is taking on other projects, such as her Broadway debut in Waitress this month, it does look as though things might be going in a new direction for the cast. Nevertheless, fans should remain hopeful that Walter and the rest of Team Scorpion will be back next fall – and with any luck, secure some off-network syndication as well.

“Scorpion” returns tonight on CBS at 10/9c with the episode “Kenny and the Jet.”



Gif Source: The Game of Nerds via CBS