We open to the high school principal riding a big wheel through an empty school til Meg showed up. Turns out today is skip day.

When she returns home everyone is gone from there too. They are at the pier with a barrel they think is Meg. They are so horrible to her. Meg heads to the bowling alley to play there. To make it worse, it’s her birthday. There is a report on TV that Meg is dead. It was Joe that let her family know. The employees at Quiznos are sad she’s dead.

Source CinemaBlend

At Meg’s funeral they use a picture of the barrel they thought was her. There is barely anyone there including Stewie and Brian. Meg is incredulous. Meg is going to leave town. They don’t say where she lands but she left and got an apartment and had enough stuff for boxes although she didn’t have anything to her name.

Chris is getting loads of attention at school and is absolutely loving it. Meg was invited upstairs on the roof for drink and now she is at a bowling alley again. She calls Chris because she wants to come home. He won’t let her. He is enjoying the popularity he has with a dead sister.

There is a service at the high school for Meg. The Quiznos people take out a full page in the year book for her. Does Meg make it back? Does Chris keep his popularity? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…