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The Good Place hasn’t shied away from the ethics of day-to-day life in its stellar 3 seasons; the fourth and final season has continued that same tradition to hilarious effect.

As Eleanor, Michael, Jason, Tahani and Janet settle in to a new neighborhood-with Eleanor as architect-they’re greeted with the 4 new entries that’ll decide the course of humanity’s judgment. The Bad Place’s choices are…challenging to say the least. An incorrigible gossip, a raging misogynistic racist, the world’s most boring woman and Dr. Simone Garrett, Chidi’s ex-girlfriend. The crew know The Bad Place will do anything and everything to sabotage the experiment and it comes out through the world’s most boring woman. Attacking multiple people (including Eleanor and Michael), the world’s most boring woman turns out to be a demon planted by The Bad Place.

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Based on the trickery from The Bad Place, the replacement person to the neighborhood is chosen by The Judge. In order to keep things fair and equitable, she allows Chidi to step in…the same Chidi whose mind was wiped in order to not skew the results.

Dealing with the dirty pranks, Janet mut have total concentration to keep the neighborhood from collapsing in on itself like a black hole. She doesn’t get it because her ex-boyfriend/robot/entity Derek shows up to wreak havoc. Jason-who is enamored of Janet once more-does not like that and blips Derek away (courtesy of Mindy).

Courtesy of NBC

And while all of this is happening, Eleanor must still be a quality architect, running a quality neighborhood and ignoring the love of her life not knowing her at all.

Holy forking shirtballs.

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 9PM on NBC. Catch up anytime on Hulu.