Charmed Season 2 Episode 18 “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

The episode picks up shortly after the last left off. Harry, now Jimmy, has no recollection of anything. Period. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

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Mel needs to meet up with her father Ray but in getting to the elders spot, Maggie starts to feel as though she is dying. After she felt a bit better Mel went on to meet Ray. Macy tried a spell to help recover Harry’s memories but got knocked out instead. Maggie starts not doing well again and Jordan sees her. He was able to see what is going on but when he tells her what is going on she doesn’t accept it. Harry/Jimmy starts to take care of Macy but takes off instead but comes back after seeing some pictures. Ray comes back to headquarters. Macy is gone in lala land.

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Something feels off to Maggie but no one is listening to her. Ray and Mel take off, leaving Maggie behind. Neither sister knows about Macy yet. While in lala land, Macy is reliving some memories from her early college days. She even remembers a conversation her dad had with someone over the phone. Thankfully as she starts convulsing, Jordan calls her phone which Harry/Jimmy accidentally answers since he has no working knowledge of stuff today.

When Mel and Ray go back out, Maggie goes too. In the middle of the road, Maggie has another panic attack. As Macy dreams for all intents and purposes, Macy remembers meeting her mother. Before Jordan could arrive Macy quit seizing but she quit breathing. Maggie seems to have had a power up in personal power.

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With Jordan pulling some kind of chip out of Harry/Jimmy’s head, Harry is back. Unfortunately as soon as he saves Macy, he finds out that Ray, Mel and Maggie are in deep trouble. What happens to father and daughters? What do you think of the episode. Tell me in the comments below. Til next week…

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