Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Walks Into a Bar!


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a generally light and uplifting comedy, but at the heart of the show, its main character is suffering from some very serious PTSD. This was addressed briefly in season 1, with Kimmy’s night-terrors, and it is again addressed in the second half of season 2.

In this episode, Kimmy meets Keith, an Army Ranger suffering from PTSD. When Keith hits on Kimmy at a bar, the two sit down over hot chocolate and chicken fingers and bond over their trauma and the many years of missed Christmases.

Elsewhere, Jacqueline is ready for her benefit, only to find out that Mimi made a mistake on the invitations. This means that Jacqueline has no venue, food or musical guest, as they have all been booked by Deidre, who is holding a gala of her own. Not to be deterred, Jacqueline presses on, setting up the gala at her apartment, inviting all the mistresses of NYC to bring their boyfriends for a night on the town, and luring all the guests away from Deidre’s Lupus awareness benefit.

While she is successful in pulling off her gala, Jacqueline is disappointed when her guests refuse to shell out the big bucks for a Native American cause (a cause that doesn’t benefit them.) Moreover, the benefit is a bust for Kimmy and hot Army Ranger Keith as well – when a champagne pop sets off their PTSD. As Keith pulls Kimmy to the ground to protect her from what he thinks is a bomb, Kimmy flashes back to the bunker and fights him off. While she denies it, Kimmy obviously has some issues to resolve, and it’s delightful how the show will spend he rest of the seasons doing just that!

Meanwhile, Titus and Mikey continue to be my favorite new “ship” as they have a cute couple dilemma when Titus thinks Mikey talks too much. Turns out, he doesn’t actually like to talk so much, he just overcompensated on their first date and figured he’d have to keep it up. Aren’t they the cutest???

Be sure to check back in weekly for our Kimmy Schmidt re-caps!


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