I have expressed my love for farming sims for several years here on TGON. However, there is one trope that I wish more games would step away from. The idea that a family member has to die for players to own a farm is an idea that has been used more times than I can count. Fortunately, I found a game that skips this step and gives the players a fresh take on this classic genre. Today, I am happy to share Song of the Prairie.

Source: Song of the Prairie’s Steam Page

The Story in Song of the Prairie

Song of the Prairie follows the life of a retired hero. After defeating a great demon, players yearn for a simple life in a rural town. What will become your home was once a sanctuary, but most people forgot about it over time. Now, it is up to you to build your home and help revitalize the town. With this non-linear story, players can play at their own pace and truly experience the game their way.


When I look at a farming sim Kickstarter, one of the first things I do is look at the features. I am always excited to see how teams set their games apart from the classics, such as Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. The first thing that caught my eye was the seamless transition between entering and exiting a building. Droplet Studio pinpointed a significant issue these older games had, which was longer loading screens, and for that, I tip my hat.

Additionally, there are elements we can expect with a title like this. There are a wide variety of crops that can be grown. Song of the Prairie has over 60 that players can expect. Husbandry is also a big element in this game, with animals including conventional livestock, birds, and amphibians. Players can also expect to cook, construct buildings and use processing machines. There are also NPCs to befriend and romance. Anything a player could ask for in a farming sim is here, ready to be explored.

Thoughts on Song of the Prairie

I am excited to learn about a farming sim with a deeper starting point. I also think the graphics are cute without being overly so. The character portraits give me older Rune Factory vibes which unlocked a wave of nostalgia I did not expect. Additionally, the makers in this game do not look as intensive as Story of Seasons. It seems like a fun game, and I am excited to add it to my library. In conclusion, I will be giving Song of the Prairie a shot in the future.

Odds & Ends

Song of the Prairie is currently in early access. Players can find it on Steam and Epic Games, with plans to bring it to Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for another interesting early access title, check out my article on Core Keeper.