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Last week we had the glad tidings that Channel 5 are going to increase the number of UK episodes from two to three at the end of the month, which is great news for all of us. The really good news is that I will have to watch one less episode of a terrible true crime show with cringingly melodramatic narration while I am on my lunch break.

For now, I will recap the two UK episodes from last week…


Finn’s mother Claudia is back in town, ostensibly to see her grand-daughter. She appears to accept Elly’s innocence, but seems very interested to know all the facts of the case. Not wanting to leave town, Mackenzie teams up with Roxy to concoct a crazy plan to deceive Trish.


Claudia seeks legal advice about discrediting the Kennedy’s as carers for Aster, and gains a formidable ally who has less-than-friendly history with the family. Sheila talks to Pierce and Chloe about a memorial for Gary. They are not keen, but Chloe inadvertently gives her another target for her ongoing grudge.

Claudia’s Back

Claudia should be as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit, but she returned to Ramsay Street anyway and immediately went to great lengths to convince everyone that she hasn’t got any ulterior motives. Sure you don’t, Claudia. She immediately started snooping for information about Elly’s murder charge, and you would think it would be obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse that she’s there to get custody of Aster. Considering she’s one of the reasons that Finn turned into a psychopath in the first place, she’s getting a lot less stick from the residents of Erinsborough than I expected her to.

Susan Cannot Be Trusted

The Kennedy’s aren’t sure what to make of Claudia’s return, so their first decision as a family was to close ranks and not share any information about Finn with Claudia. Susan immediately proved yet again that she cannot be trusted by blabbing a load of details to Claudia because she looked a bit sad. I feel like Susan should not be left unsupervised at the moment, because she seems determined to cause as much carnage as possible because of her lack of judgement.

Roxy’s Idea of Normal

Roxy engaged her three brain cells to concoct a plan to help Mackenzie stay in Erinsborough when her aunt Trish has to move away for work. Roxy’s big plan is to pretend Mackenzie is moving in with Paul and Terese, and she thought that wearing a blouse and glasses would make her appear sensible enough for Trish to go along with the plan without actually speaking to either of the real grown-ups who are going to be acting as her niece’s guardians. I wear glasses and I own a couple of blouses, and I can assure you that I’m still an idiot, so please don’t any of you be fooled by this kind of ruse.

neighbours roxy

Roxy tries to fool Trish. Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy.

Gary as a Statue

Sheila is struggling with the fact that nobody else is as upset as she is about Gary’s death. I mean, can you blame them? He was a little bit of human disaster. She had the bright idea that she wants a big statue of him erected in the middle of the Lassiter’s complex and I have honestly never wanted anything more in my entire life. Please can we have a statue of Gary, with a kangaroo pie in one hand and a pigeon perched majestically on his shoulder?

Team Evil

Samantha Fitzgerald is the latest in a long line of familiar faces who’ve returned to Erinsborough this year, and I’ll be honest, I’m really struggling to care about her being back. I don’t think I was ever very invested in her story lines when she was in the show before, and I’m so glad she recapped her history with the Kennedy’s for Claudia because I was struggling to remember why she hated them so much. Despite not giving two hoots about Sam’s return, I am kind of excited to see Claudia team up with someone who’s just as devious as she is. It’ll be interesting to see what these two get up to together, I think it’s going to be fun.

neighbours claudia samantha

Team Evil. Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy.