Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 10

The opening of this episode started out as a nice start for a crime mystery but we ended up with something a bit more grand. It was a nice send off for Clara while still being a set up for the next two episode. I really enjoyed how this stared as  another Doctor Who Episode yet it turn to a goodbye to Clara Oswald.I don’t think many of us saw that coming but it took us by surprise and made the ending so much more. The only problem I have is that I felt that this episode was all to much build up. I think they could have saved Clara’s death for the start of the next episode. And I also thought Maisie Williams was a bit flat and didn’t stand out as she did in the  previous episodes. Hopefully we see her again in the final.Overall I was happy with this episode and it was a far better one than last week’s episode. I’m hoping the show can keep this good momentum going for the final.