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Riverdale Season 4 Chapter Sixty-Eight: “Quiz Show” Review

Riverdale was avenged and shammed thanks to Betty in this quiz show episode of #Riverdale

Betty has made it her mission to go after Brett after Riverdale’s football team suffered a big loss to Stonewall Prep’s students. As we learned countless times, Brett is an evil genius when it comes to physiological warfare. It’s his power and privilege that gets underneath people’s skin and he loves to play off of it. In this episode, we saw Betty get revenge on the scum bag that is Brett and suffer an even bigger loss.

Uncle Frank’s Construction

I thought it was weird that Archie’s uncle Frank made his presence known in Riverdale after Fred passed. I’m unsure of his true intentions for being in Archie’s life, but I don’t think it’s going to be good. Frank knows that Archie is a lot like Fred, he knows that Archie tries to see the good in everyone. I just hope that he won’t try to play off of that. A lot of people claim that Frank is no good and I don’t mean to judge, but if it’s more than one person making those claims, it can’t be a lie. For his sake, I just hope he isn’t trying to pull one over on Archie because he was pretty much a disappointment compared to Fred.  The first strike came from Fred stealing money from the construction company to gamble and give the workers their Christmas bonus. As sweet as it was, it was sneaky which was bad for business. If Archie doesn’t get a grip on this guy he will lose his father’s most loyal employees. He’s already lost, Mr. Keller.

The Grand Reopening

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Thanks to Cheryl’s family maple Syrup, the Rum war is back on. Hiram is still very relentless and plans to take Veronica down even if it means causing permanent damage to their relationship. After their dance club was raided by Mr.Mayor, Veronica and Cheryl went back to the drawing board and decided to reopen the maple club for their rum sales. This location will take some time for Hiram to find, but he isn’t stupid. Hiram Lodge never looses and he won’t accept a loss from his sixteen-year-old daughter. As a bonus, the ladies have extra help from Penelope as her way of paying her debt to society. I thought this was a stupid idea especially coming from Cheryl. Penelope turned the whole town on each other and almost killed her friend. I highly doubt she will play nice for long.

The Baxter Brother’s Next Mystery

Even though Jughead is a great writer, The Brotherhood didn’t think much of his first draft. They were looking for something fresh. Something full of mystery, murders, and action. Something like the story of the Blackhood. Jughead wouldn’t dare write about the horrific things that he and his girlfriend had to experience, but he was put on the spot to do so. It was tough for Jughead to break the news about his acceptance to Yale to Betty because she didn’t get accepted. I know she doesn’t want to admit it. but Betty is bitterness about it makes it hard to believe that she is really happy for Jughead. Keeping secrets from each other will be the downfall of their relationship, but I hope it’s not the reason why Jughead will be murdered.

 Betty’s Last Chance

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To make up for the lies that he told, Jughead got a recruiter from Yale to check out Betty in action. She needed this after being told that she didn’t get accepted because she’s the daughter of the blackhood, but also because she was so upset about the damage that her dad has done beyond the grave. It seemed that Alice didn’t have enough confidence that Betty could win on her own so she decided to slip the answers in her room. As tempting as it was Betty decided to beat Brett fair and square by ripping up the answers. It was kinda awkward to watch the quiz show because the other ladies barley got to get an answer out, but it was now or never for Betty. It may be her last chance to get into her dream school.

After the competition, Alice’s decision dug Betty into a deeper hole than before. The ripped answers were found in her room and since there is no proof that she won without them, the victory went to Stonewall Prep, Betty got suspended, and Alice was put on leave without pay. What a year for Betty. It’s bad enough that she has serial killer genes, but her brother is also dating chik who was a puppet for the blackhood, Jughead will eventually die, and she won’t go to Yale. Just let that simmer. On top of it all, we got to see another spoof of four weeks later which shows Betty confiding in Archie about Jughead. This made me suspect that the romance that should’ve been will happen between Betty and Archie.

Rating: 2.5/5

This episode was definitely not one of my favorites because of the direction that the storylines. For instance, The rum war between Veronica and her father still makes no sense to me because Hiram is always finding a way to shut her down. Don’t get me wrong, I love her never give up attitude, but it’s just not interesting to me. I really don’t understand why she hasn’t been completely shut down for running anything that promotes underage drinking even if she’s selling it to old maple club members. This war could’ve waited till she turned 21. Another reason why I didn’t care for this episode was because of this weird story angle between Kevin and Fangs. From the looks of everything, it seems like they are getting paid to make ticklish porn. I have no clue what this has to do with everything else occurring in this season, but it’s weird.

I really didn’t care for Betty’s bitter attitude in this episode, but in many ways, she has a right to feel the way that she does. But, Jughead isn’t responsible for her life being a complete mess, therefore she shouldn’t direct her anger towards him. Their relationship has always been special from the beginning, but I have a feeling Jughead won’t make it to Yale because of Betty. A lot of people suspect Brett as Jughead’s killer, but Brett is not the physical type. Even though he is a prick, I doubt he is any physical harm to Jughead. I know that Brett plays dirty, but he just likes to tamper with people’s heads. Once you have control over someone’s mind, you can control everything.


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