Flash 6x12 1

The infamous Sue Dearbon! Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “A Flash Of Lightning” and Events That Occurred Prior

We found Ralph! Our very own PI and Elongated Man himself finally decided to show up—without even the slightest mention of where he has been, his lack of involvement, and any of his thoughts and/or feelings post Crisis. So that was a bummer, and clearly something the show should have touched upon. On the bright side? His plot this go around did provide us with a fairly solid episode that finally introduced us to the long teased Sue Dearbon.

Natalie Dreyfuss’ debut as Sue was fantastic, and it seems like we are in for some great times with her character. She’s extremely endearing, easy to connect with, and just plain fun to watch. Sue is a formidable foil to Ralph, and their dynamic is an interesting and fun one to witness—even if her turn to the dark(ish?) side was a rather predictable turn of events. She is essentially a Catwoman like figure to Ralph’s Batman. The bigger topic at hand for me though, is how did Sue seemingly best/trick Cecile’s emotional telepathy reading? 

Flash 6x12 3

Our new duo–well sort of. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

Away from Ralph’s Sue issues, we finally got an update on the real Iris. The Iris that was trapped behind a mirror, forced to watch her character grow without her. This time though, our time with Iris mattered. She met the Mirror’s original prisoner in Eva McCulloch. Efrat Dor, another newcomer to the show, did an admirable job playing someone who has been trapped in isolation for six years. More than that, she could be our new Mirror Master—but is that good or bad? What gets me about all of this, is that I don’t understand how it took six years—and a visit from Iris—for the first hint of her connection to the mirror to appear. I mean in her entire six years, it never even gave her a glimpse? She never got angry and tried to break the mirror down herself? There are a lot of questions to be had about the situation, but I’m hoping it will all be more fleshed out going forward. 

Then there was Barry, who honestly didn’t help the proceedings all too much. I mean he really wasn’t doing much of anything at the time, and even after there was raging machine gun fire, it still took him a feed minutes to arrive. What Barry did bring to the table involved Joe piecing together a mystery involving past CCPD cases. The connection didn’t take a genius to figure out—Black Hole is still bad news. Even worse news is that they seemingly have a mole in the precinct! The whole Black Hole thing is still just kind of middle-ground for me. It’s fine. It just didn’t seem like there’s anything too unique about them. I’m still waiting for the big reveal of a larger player (Godspeed anyone?). I mean even just Sue as a character already has more of my interest than Black Hole does.

Flash 6x12 2

What could Nash need Harry’s diary for? Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

A storyline that definitely needs more attention sooner rather than later, is that which is plaguing Nash Wells. We once again got a tantalizing tease of Harry Wells, who is clearly taunting poor ol’ Nash. How? That’s a great question, as is the why of it all. I’m very happy to see the show giving us something when it comes to Harry, as he was one of the biggest losses for Team Flash out of Crisis—yet he hardly got any mention back when his earth was actually destroyed. Back to Nash though, I was happy to see him finally tell someone about his team status update. I guess that makes Mirror-Iris the first to know?

“A Girl Named Sue” was a clear rebound from last week’s installment. We were introduced to two new characters in Sue and Eva, the show deepened the Black Hole mystery, and Harry is becoming a bigger problem for Nash. It’s also good to finally have Ralph back after his mysterious absence. His on screen chemistry with Sue is a treat, and the more we see of those two the better.


Bonus Notes:

  • That switch into Noir music and playfulness when meeting Sue was just a tad bit jarring, but in the end it worked well. 



Special Note: We’ve had to resort to taking direct screenshots of the episode ourselves and/or repeated and unrelated Flash images due to the CW Network failing to provide adequate photos for proper coverage. 

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