Jane Chatwin – “Time is a motherfucker isn’t it.”

This episode starts off fairly darkly, with an air of almost every viewer thinking… “lord.. anything but this, Alice.” Creating a Golem of your dead ex-boyfriend with a fragment of his soul you took from the Underworld – now that has to be a new low. Only. A ten-year-old Quentin appears, not the grown man… well, man-child might be more accurate. Elliot winds up in an incredibly awkward conversation with Fen’s ghost who requests that if he can turn back time to save her (and Josh) he does just that. all of our characters wind up in some highly unusual and questionable circumstances during this episode.

And circumstances appears to be the theme of this particular episode. We have Penny dealing with the aftermath of that non-consensual travel that occurred when his student let him into her mind to see the pull it was receiving. Alice and her necromancy… and Kady and her disappearing memory. Julia and Dean Fogg discussing just that in regard to the surges of magic that have been rocking throughout the country.

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Throughout their discussion, Fogg tells her that “Circumstances dear, the phase of the moon. The nearest body of water. You must factor them all into your casting. certain circumstances make casting easier, others make them much more difficult.” After asking if there would be any way to predict them, Fogg points her in the direction of an expert in meta-math who may be able to help Julia. There seems to be an underlying notion or a nudging throughout the episode – about exactly that – the struggle of finding the right circumstances, in many aspects of life. Friendships, relationships, making big decisions, taking leaps.. etc.

Kady ends up in some seriously questionable circumstances – when she wakes up after a one-night stand with a relative stranger – only to find that her memory of the previous night (and more than that) has been completely wiped. When Penny questions her about the Library Book Depository that she was searching for she has no idea what he’s talking about. Julia finds out about Alice’s little experiment, and Elliot winds up wandering into the Time-Witch’s cottage – Jane Chatwin herself.

E – So what do you say, wanna go back in time, save my friends and un-fuck history? For old-time’s sake?

J – If I change anything it could undo every sacrifice we all made to stop the Beast.

E – Why did you build a workshop full of time-travel gadgets if you aren’t willing to use them?

J – The lesson that I’ve learned after a life of trying to change the past is, you almost always make things worse. Time is a motherfucker isn’t it?

Not too surprisingly when Jane goes to make tea – Elliot swipes a load of time-traveling gadgets and sprints out of there.

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GIF Source: Mia for The Game of Nerds

Returning to Margo in her cell within Castle Whitespire – where they attempt to utilize several of the things in their disposal – which involve some highly entertaining forms, the ‘time bees’ for example. Margo ends up finding three Fillorian stamps [Put them on a letter, address them to whoever, wherever whenever – and it gets to them.] The first she uses, but her advice doesn’t work. The second, without her knowing Elliot uses – telling Josh to visit the Clock Dwarf, bring him a ham sandwich and get him to send him, Fen and their friends 300 years into the future. Bringing back one of the most entertaining characters. The comedy that inevitably comes from Josh has been reborn. And not a moment too soon, for there is plenty of morose moping around so far. We’re in need of a little Fresh Prince humor.

Of course, the Magicians series wouldn’t be sticking to a character if it didn’t leave us with a little cliff hanger and huge hike of adrenaline. The last shot we see before the credits roll in is of the third and final stamp… on ane envelope, and just so happens to be addressed to someone we’re familiar with… Roll on next week!

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GIF Source: Mia for The Game of Nerds