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On this week’s Penny Dreadful, I really need to stop crushing on Dracula and Vanessa gets hilariously creepy once again.

The episode opens up with Ethan waking up after his night of wolfing out in a barn while Hecate just…watches him. Are all these witches just inherently creepy all the time? He demands to know what the heck she’s up to, much like the rest of us.

She says she basically wants to help him turn evil and then rule by his side. I’m still confused. I mean, I guess if you manage to turn the dude who’s title is ‘Wolf of God’ evil then he’s going to be pretty horrible and that is an interesting turn of events. I wasn’t aware that he actually could be evil.

Somehow though I don’t see Hecate making it out of this season alive. The two dads are catching up on their trailer pretty quickly. After Ethan and Hecate steal a couple of horses, Malcolm and Kaetenay show up before the bodies are even cold. I really love their separate relationships to Ethan (and Vanessa). Kaetenay obviously loves Ethan but also kind of hates him and doesn’t seem positive that Ethan didn’t kill the ranchers in cold blood. While Malcolm is a staunch believer in the fact that there is no way Ethan did this.

I hope Kaetenay meets Vanessa sometime this season and just automatically adores her.

Also quick on their trail is the Scotland yard inspector with the US marshals. They find the brutalized bar that Ethan attack the night before and the inspector makes another curious statement about believing in the occult. I need answers about this guy.

This show had made it pretty clear in the past seasons that werewolves and vampires arnt things that people just believe in for no reason. I’m curious to find out if his knowledge has anything to do with his lost hand.

Back in England we see that Lily and Dorian have fully taken Justine under their wing. I’m fully aware that the actress that plays Justine, Jessica Barden, is 23 but my god that girl looks like she’s 12. And honestly that just makes these future scenes so creepy.

The two women are out having tea when they notice a group of suffragettes protesting across the way. Which by the way I love this show so much for showing this. Justine comments that they want similar things to what Lily is striving for. Freedom for women. But oh no. Lily doesn’t want to protest, she wants to murder her way to freedom. LOL this women is so nuts I adore her.

Later in the day Dorian seems to have kidnapped the man that was trying to sell Justine for torture porn reasons last week. If she murders the man who caused her so much suffering, then she will be apart of their cause for good.

Seems to me they just want to have something over her but who knows. All I do know is I glanced away for a second and when I came back all three were have a literal bloody threesome. UM.

UM. What? How? WHY?! I don’t know guys. I really don’t. These three are weirdos.

The Creature also pops by this week, and I’m sorry but it is so hard for me to care about this guy’s storyline. I really only like him when he’s around Vanessa. (which Oh My God I’m going to get to THAT scene shortly.)

Since he has started to recover his memories of his previous life he has come back to London in search for the family he was taken away from. It’s sweet. I don’t really get the purpose other than character growth I suppose, so that’s cool.

The one part I did enjoy was when he finds himself in China Town and see’s Ms. Ives across the street. At first I was dreading he’d get all moony eyed but he impressed me with the smile he grew upon seeing her out on a date a looking happy. Aw he was just happy she was happy! Vanessa literally makes everyone a better character.

So can we get her over into Frankenstein and Jekyll’s storyline but these dudes are annoying as all hell.

I will admit that Jekyll’s experiment that turns rabid men into completely civilized humans again for a short time is interesting. But these are the type of dude bros who think they’re god’s gift to mankind and I just can’t stand that.

I’m just waiting for Jekyll to snap and kill a bunch of people honestly. Wake me up when that happens.

Now finally on to Vanessa’s story this week. The first time we see her she manically pacing around Dr. Sewards office yelling at her that she is the cut wife. It’s more than a little hilarious. I adore Seward here though. Even though we all know Vanessa is completely crazy, she definitely acts it sometimes and today is one of those super crazy days. The doctor doesn’t just write her off as a loony toon however, she knows something weird has happened to this woman to make her like this and she really does want to help.

Vanessa finally calms herself down enough to sit down and nicely ask for a cigarette. When Seward reaches out to give her one Vanessa basically slithers over her desk to grab her and start reading her mind. Vanessa, girl. You are so creepy sometimes. I still love you though.

What we learn from this is that apparently the good Doc killed her husband before he could kill her, which…INTRIGUE. Please tell me more about this.

We also get another glimpse of Renfield, who is just weirdly writing Vanessa’s name over and over like a lovesick 13 year old girl. It never ceases to intrigue me the way these lower vampires seem to almost worship her.

After her appointment we see Vanessa’s date with Dr. Sweet/Dracula. They go to the freakin’ carnival. Dracula goes to a carnival. This show is amazing in the way it gives me things I never knew I wanted.  While there, he proposes that they walk through the house of mirrors. This show is just laughing at all of us now.

While walking through the creepy maze they get conveniently separated and Vanessa gets cornered by one of the creepy Vamp goons. He says something that baffles us and Vanessa. At first he keeps saying that she’s met Dracula already, and I’m like yeah they’re dating doofus. But then! He goes on to say that oh no, she met him way before! In a white room in the mental asylum.

For those who might not remember (how could you not, it was literally the best) we got an entire episode in the first season about how Vanessa first lost her marbles and got her head cut open while in a hospital. But we never saw her locked away in a white room.

Well, Vanessa doesn’t remember that room either which is more troubling. So after softly breaking Dracula’s heart over coffee, you know she’s far too dangerous for such a sweet man to be around, she goes to visit Seward again.

Vanessa is once again pacing around, this time begging to be hypnotized so she can swim around her subconscious and find this room she was supposedly locked up in. Seward makes a very good point however and it makes me nervous going forward. She says, obviously there must be a reason that Vanessa locked this memory so tightly away. And this is a woman who has been through some insane stuff and remembers all of that, so what the hell happened at the hospital that was so horrible?

Seward eventually agrees to the process, even though she keeps warning her every other minute and we are all transported to a padded room. Vanessa still has her hair so it must be before they cut open her brain. She’s describing the room in detail when she mentions and orderly walking in. And who is that orderly? THE CREATURE.

WTF. OHMYGOD. Is this how he died?! Did he die in that room. Oh this is going to be fantastic. The next episode seems to be a mostly Vanessa centric once again and if its anything like previous seasons than I’m just going to sit her and prepare my petition to give Eva Green all the awards already because you know she’ll deserve it.

Lastly, WHERE IS MR. FERDINAND LYLE?! I miss you!

Article Submitted by Jenn Lueck