Photo Source: The CW /// Jane The Virgin

The day has finally arrived: Jane’s novel, Snow Falling, is finally out, which means that Jane has accomplished her lifelong dream to be a published author! Even with the bright start, the negatives of this week’s episode seemed to outweigh the positives. Let’s break them up and reevaluate, just to be sure.

The Positives

  1. Jane’s book is out. She sold 67 copies. She had her party at her favorite bookstore that was able to stay open thanks to Rogelio (and mostly Fabian’s nudey pics). She also met her favorite author Isabel Allende who gave her great advice to “Live Passionately [and] Love Passionately.”
  2. Jane and Rafael are friendly again. Like, really friendly! Maybe even back on the way to BFF town like last season. fingers crossed

The Negatives

  1. Inspired by Jane following her dreams, Adam decided to take the SFX job in L.A. This broke Jane’s heart, but wasn’t surprising and frankly a little relieving to the viewer. I don’t know why, but his pretense stressed me out. I don’t need new main characters hopping in in the middle of a story.
  • Rogelio let it slip to Xiomara that he had an inkling that she may have actually been pregnant when they were young…but her never contacted her. This royally pissed off Xo.
  • Anezka is DEAD! She was hanged! And no, girlfriend didn’t hang her self, according to the narrator!! Seriously?? Right after she got her new business shoes? Poor Anezka, always a pawn in someone else’s game. How will this discovery affect Petra, who was the last person to “mess” with Anezka?

Well, quantitatively, the good and bad sort of even out, but qualitatively, I’d stand by my thesis that the good outweighed the bad last week. I hope oy agree with me, because I used big words to prove myself.

Lets hope there’s more light at the end of the tunnel next week.