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Bill Nye has always been and will be “the science guy” to me and many others of my generation. When a subject was hard to grasp, he always managed to simplified science in a way anyone at any age could understand. His love for science made me wanted to do all those experiments the other kids did on the show.  For awhile there, I was kind of lost without Bill Nye to explain current scientifically based problems in our news. But thanks to him, I did managed to get a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology to expand my science knowledge. It wasn’t until last week that I felt like the world was being explained to me on a level I understood again. Enter, Bill Nye Saves the World.

If you haven’t heard, Bill Nye is back on Netflix with another series called Bill Nye Saves the World. It is the same science guy we love, but with more grown up subjects. Topics that include: Vaccines, GMOs, Diets, Global Warning, PseudoScience and even Sexuality. Yes, Bill Nye is down with our Netflix chill everyone. So don’t panic. Each episode has amazing guests such as Rachel Bloom, tim Gunn, Steve Aoki, Hunter Pence, and Karlie Kloss just to name a few. Along with a discussion panel in each episode with various guest specialists in the fields of the topics featured. Honestly, I managed downed the entire season in one day only because I’ve missed this kind of show. Mythbusters had been holding me over for the past thirteen years but even that’s now gone. I’m really glad Bill Nye was ready to go for Round 2.  Let me tell you, he comes out swinging. Bill is extremely passionate about what he does! Even in his “take a minute” segment, you can see how much these topic matter to him and how much he wants to see change. He’s completely right. We have to do something about the problems facing our world, because we all live on the same big blue sphere that spins around the sun. Where else are we going to go? Also, did you catch that new theme song by Tyler the Creator? It’s definitely something that is going to get stuck in your head, and a great spin on the old classic.

Now this show has been ripped apart by the media and other reviews online. I think a lot of people are missing the point. First off, he’s always been over the top and goofy. Seriously, go back and watch the old Bill Nye episodes. He’s the same. We just got older, and some of us may have lost that child like wonder. But the real reason for the controversy is the topics that Bill are discussing. Some believe that he has some sort of “political agenda” that he’s set out to achieve.  But when you really get down to the core, these topics he brings to the table are Science based. Most of the time, they are just covered up by politics and various opinions. Bill is stripping off the shell and leaving us with facts that are back up with scientific research.  Yes, he does have his own opinions just like we all do, but I feel he does a great job of separating the two. I may not agree with everything he says, but he is clarifying up a lot of topics people generally don’t understand. Now if you don’t believe in science, that’s a whole different story and I’m not even going to open that can of worms.  I will definitely though tell you this show isn’t for you. However, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, head over to Netflix. I promise you, you won’t be disappoint. If anything, you will have waves of nostalgia.

Remember: Science Rules!