WandaVision 1 Reddit

High quality promotional artwork for WandaVision. Photo courtesy of Reddit user NaiadOfTheSea.


Good news Marvel fans!

This year just got a little bit bigger. Marvel has officially announced that WandaVision has moved up from its original 2021 release to an unspecified spot in 2020!

This is great news given how few Marvel projects are coming this year, especially when compared to the insane amount that we’ll be getting in 2021—four films and upwards of six shows.

The probable reason for the move is Disney Plus’ lack of original content to pull in subscribers. With The Mandalorian over, Disney doesn’t have any big-name projects for their own service anytime soon. The soonest one that they have, is actually the first original project for the service to come from Marvel: Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Even then though, that doesn’t even have an official release date more specific than Fall 2020. It’s safe to assume that WandaVision, while this year, will air after Falcon & The Winter Soldier has finished its run.

It was certainly a missed opportunity for both Disney and Marvel not to have more projects ready For Disney+ around the launch. Personally, I think that Marvel’s upcoming animated series What If would have been a perfect show to include around the launch of their service.  Kevin Feige even stated that he has seen most of the first season already–so it certainly doesn’t seem to need until 2021 to be ready. The show even has a second season already in the works. We’ll just hand to settle for the wins we have—not only do we get two new MCU films, but also two new original MCU shows.

Are you guys excited about the move? Which Marvel Disney+ project are you most excited about? Be sure to leave your thoughts down below in the comments.



You can catch WandaVision when it airs later this year exclusively on Disney+.