So, it really did happen. Parker proposed to Maggie. As a way to unite their worlds and end the bloodshed and him getting the woman he loves.

Maggie runs as fast as she can out of Parker’s room. Upon returning, Maggie sees Harry healing Layla. Layla and a group of witches banded together to protect the magickal communities and she got nearly killed in doing so. Maggie fills Mel, Macy, and Harry on her away mission. Then because she feels they are treating her like a child announces that she is marrying Parker. She wants to end the violence and feels this is the way to do so. Since Godrick can’t control Parker, he has again turned his back on Parker and back to Abigael. He helped her get around the truth serum and now tells of Parker and Maggie’s engagement. Abigael wants to have Maggie kill Parker.

Mel wants to be a “fly on the wall” to get information to save Maggie from herself. In the Book of Elders, they find a curse that fits the bill. Not the safest way to go. Meanwhile, at the demon palace, Godrick tries to force Maggie to become obedient to Parker with a ritual. Neither she or Parker go for it. To break the curse, Mel must land on a mirror and self reflect.

Harry, Macy, and Mel, of course, attend the wedding but not just to support Maggie. They meet Maggie and apologize. Mel turns herself into a fly to gain information about the dryads and the apples. When she confronts Maggie with the information it doesn’t go well. Meanwhile, Macy and Harry go looking for Abigael with Harry hoping to be allies in Maggie and Parker not getting hitched.

Back at the Elder’s safe house, there is a strange root growing out of the floor under the pillar. It bleeds when broken. Maggie tries to call off the wedding. Parker says no and demands to wed and do the ritual that will make Maggie obedient to him. Harry gets them out of there just in time.

Once, Macy, Maggie, and Harry are back, Mel fills them in on the tree root and the black sap. When Maggie touches it, she gets a vision and sees who kills Jordan. Macy and Harry fill Maggie in. They rush in to save Jordan.

Who tries to kill Jordan? Do they survive the attempt? Does Jordan survive? Watch the episode to see. What do you think of how things are following similar but different lines in the Charmed shows? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…