Letterkenny’s seventh season has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but no matter your opinion on it as a whole you have to admit that there were some truly golden moments. The fan service may have been heavy, but so was the comedy! So here’s five of the best bits of the season!

Disclaimer: I know you’re aware already, but be prepared for a bit of NSFW talk here.


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McMurray’s 5.15-inch Penis

The whole Crack an Ag concept was genius in my opinion, despite the backlash it’s gotten. The boys had a great opportunity to be themselves and help friends in need, and it ultimately resulted in us seeing Wayne hammered as hell. However, McMurray stole the show with one particular scene.

McMurray is a wild character normally, but I think we can all agree that even this caught us off guard. No matter what your opinion is about this season, you can’t avoid laughing at all the calls Crack an Ag received just to tear into this guy — especially since a few sounded suspiciously like Shoresy. Watching McMurray’s face turn progressively redder as his wife was brought into the discussion was utterly priceless. Kudos to the writing of this scene!

Coach’s Reaction to Mary Ann and Betty Ann’s Desire to Play on the Letterkenny Irish.

I’ll be honest, as a woman, this bit was uncomfortable for the first few seconds. But Coach’s humor really sold the fact that women are not physically equal to men in some instances. My particular favorite line was: “Your spines are gonna snap!”…followed by the insane laughter that Coach is so well known for. 

All wisecracks aside, the moment that really made this episode was Mary Ann and Betty Ann’s immediate acceptance of their loss. It wasn’t a big deal in their books — you win some, you lose some, and you move on. These two are honestly the strong female characters we all need to see more of in television, especially once they stepped up to lead the team.

The Old Letterkenny Irish Squad’s Triumphant Return

To start, Jonesey and Reilly’s concern about the PC-ness of the word “Indian” was endearing. But that was completely overshadowed by the explanations given by the old crew regarding their Native status. Each became increasingly more complex and hilarious, aside from Boomtown’s which was kinda heart-wrenching. 

The one thing better than these Native explanations? The chirping during the game. “If you’re Native, I’m Elizabeth Warren” comes to mind as one winner. 

The Porn Episode

Letterkenny is notorious for beating bits into the ground and this was no exception. But, unlike FartBook, this episode did so tastefully. Nothing can beat Squirrelly Dan’s pure shock when seeing hardcore porn…except, perhaps, the porn viewing party that brought together hicks, jocks, skids, and Gail at MoDean’s. 

Red Cards

This technique was brilliant, honestly. Gail lost her shit (per usual). The skids went bonkers; Roald trolling Wayne and using him to jizz in his pants was as untasteful as it comes with this show, and it was downright hilarious. But what really took the cake was Glen’s genuine attempt at creating shirts with the hick crew’s slogans. Who else is down to rock a “Pitter Patter Let’s Get Goin’” shirt? It’s cheesy as all hell, but you know you love it!

Were these your favorite moments as well, or do you have something else in mind? Let me know on Twitter or drop a comment below. Pitter patter, good buddies!