Have you ever wondered if the mystical beings we grow up adoring get along? Are the Great Pumpkin and the Tooth Fairy friends? Surely, they must tolerate each other, they all love doing things for children. Well, in the platformer game Christmas Quest, these questions are answered, and it turns out, the Easter Bunny hates Santa Clause.

Santa in his shop

Source: Screenshot of Christmas Quest

In Christmas Quest, Santa had just finished preparing gifts for the children, and as he went to bed, he heard a scream. After navigating his workshop full of OSHA violations, Santa arrived on his porch to find the Easter Bunny stealing his sleigh full of gifts and his elf employees! Santa had to race against the clock fending off Easter chickens and bunnies to save Christmas.

Santa fighting Easter chickens

Source: Screenshot of Christmas Quest

I’m not typically interested in the platform genre, I tend to pick video games in which I can mash a bunch of buttons for combos or farming simulators. When I first booted up Christmas Quest, I was immediately met with the most relaxing melody I’ve ever heard. The music is soothing and slightly misleading due to the intensity of the game itself. It may only look like a cute pixelated platformer; however, the Easter chickens can easily cause you to slam down on the jump button in fear. When I wasn’t jumping around the obstacles, I gathered gifts, threw snowballs, and even drove a cart with a saw blade attached to it.

Santa and the Easter Bunny

Source: Screenshot of Christmas Quest

Christmas Quest combines the spirit of the holidays with humor in an eloquent way. It’s creative, and I can honestly say I’ve never played a game like it. I played through it several times and found myself sharing it with others around me. I could easily spend hours playing, attempting to beat my best times. If you’re looking for a way to combine Christmas and gaming, look no farther than Christmas Quest.