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You couldn’t hear yourself think for wedding bells and the pitter patter of tiny feet on Neighbours last week.

Chloe and Pierce Got Hitched

The main event last week was Chloe and Pierce getting married. Hendrix almost didn’t attend, after throwing the mother of all tantrums because his dad’s wife-to-be didn’t want to kiss him. That kid needs a good dose of the Kennedys to sort him out, which thankfully he looks like he’s going to get.

Drama aside, the biggest shock for me about the wedding was that Chloe and Pierce didn’t get married in the garden or at Lassiters. They got married at an actual wedding venue that wasn’t on Ramsay Street. Incredible scenes.

I understand that April Rose Pengilly, who plays Chloe, had some input into the wedding dress, and while I thought it was really cute, it didn’t look very Chloe to me. She’s always so well-dressed and sophisticated, but she kind of looked like Wedding Day Barbie, especially with the little bow right on the top of her head.

neighbours chloe brennan pierce greyson

Pierce and Wedding Day Barbie Photo: © Channel 5/Source: Digital Spy

Susan Tore Up the Dancefloor

If you missed this on the first watch, then you need to go back and watch the wedding reception again because Susan’s dancing was so gloriously bizarre and out of place. There was a lot of vigorous arm action. Seriously, watch it again.

Elly’s Accelerated Pregnancy

I know that time flies, but it really feels like Elly’s been pregnant for about three months, and yet all of a sudden she’s 39 weeks pregnant and ready to give birth any minute, no doubt in some dramatic or precarious way. Either she has been taking triple the dose of her pregnancy vitamins, or I’ve been asleep for three months. Unlike any other aspect of Elly, her womb is very efficient.

It looked like Amy and Kyle might also be expecting a baby for a brief time – I was thinking that by January Amy would be recycling Elly’s old pregnancy bump and stroking her belly a lot, and we’d be welcoming another quick-grow Neighbours baby by about mid-April, but apparently not.

neighbours jodi anasta elly conway

Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Finn’s Mum is a Piece of Work

Finn and Boring Shaun’s mum turned up this week, and holy hell she is an unpleasant woman. I mean, we’ve all thought to ourselves that Elly is hopeless, her life is a car crash, and that the poor kid is going to have to fend for itself quite a lot, but none of us would actually say it to her face. I almost feel sorry for her. It’s Elly though, so I’m not quite there yet.

Leo’s Back

Leo’s flew back planning to give David a kidney, and I was fully expecting him to donate his vital organ and then hop up off the bed as soon as the anaesthetic had worn off, then leg it to the airport to whiz off into the distance again. Whoever ends up donating the kidney, they’ll shake it off pretty speedily, because this is Neighbours, where people can overcome a serious mental illness in a single afternoon, so I’m sure recovering from major surgery will all be over after a half hour’s rest and a nice cup of tea.