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Charmed Slowed Down and Was More Reflective in Episode 8 “Bug a Boo”

After the last episode was so action packed and high stakes, this episode was a noticable step down in the level of action. We’d love to imply it was a budget issue after how epic the last one was but they pulled out a few decent cool stops by the end this week…we were just less invested? Here’s hoping next week is a stronger return to form and less of an introspection of good vs. evil where more happens. Until then let’s all digest what happened this week with a little recap!

The episodic piece, and titular bug storyline focuses on a crossover between Maggie and Macy’s lives. Still being pursued by unbeknownest half-demon Parker and his full demon family, Maggie signs up to a competition to get an internship working for a new dating up. Not knowing it’s a front being used by a hive of cicada demons to find new mates to take to their colony for the queen to impregnate. Of course Maggie pushes Macy to join unknowingly putting her sister in jeopardy. After finally agreeing to trying one date her match takes the kiss too far and injects her with venom and takes her back to the web filled hive. It doesn’t take long before Maggie puts two and two together and they find her very quickly, and while the 75% point episode vanquish was fun — when the queen startsoverhesting to kill the captured innocents Maggie agrressively kills the queen and seems very dark in her…excitement. We probably shouldn’t judge since Mel jammed a pole through one’s face, but with the end of episode reminder that she “has evil inside her” and the mark stopped Galvin from getting to their date by getting him hit by a car maybe we are just falling for a red herring.

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Mel had the most separate storyline – being jobless made her the prine candidate to help Harry and Charity hunt down the thief of the Scythe of Tartarus from the last episode. It leads to a crime scene [one of the cicada victims] but sadly no Niko <yet!>. The “baddie” from last week, Jada, is actually trailing them and, after using the scythe to bring back a banished FELLOW WITCH and then offers one of the now unneeded pieces to Mel. Why? She is trying to recruit Mel into joining her as part of Sarcana (sisters of Arcana).

It doesn’t take much to bait Mel, who goes back and forth with Charity on how “but they use magic to help people, how is that bad?” Of course just being forthcoming with Charity’s desd sister or Mel asking why/how her mother could be both an Elder and an ally of Sarcana works would be too easy and we would speed to the end of this storyline too fast. But once Mel gets a face-to-blurred-face meeting with the Elder council she finds out they actually want her to join the Sarcana and act as a double agent.

Charmed – The CW

She complies, as the looming questions surrounding her mother’s death and the unknown witch released from Tartarus are too great, but when Mel arrives at their hide out one of the other witches goes straight Bad Blood and smacka her upside the head with a board and we couldn’t help but cackle at that closing scene.

Charmed – The CW

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