Bob is no stranger to chauffeuring people around as he has had to do so for various reasons across the series. This weeks episode titled “Bobby Driver”, however, took that and gave it a twist involving the robbery of old ladies/ Mr. Frond.

Bob's Burgers (Bobby Driver 3)

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Bob, Tina, Gene and Louise start of this week shopping for a present to get someone they don’t really know but who chose to invite them to his birthday party. After selecting an off brand toy, the family notices Edith Cranwinkle down the aisle. Edith is definitely not a fan of the Belchers or their business but it can be said that the feeling is mutual as the four quickly decide to leave when they notice her. The next scene shows Bob dropping them off at the boy’s Gatsby themed birthday party (his name is Colton). Louise is less enthusiastic about this party and doesn’t think Colton cares about the people he invited and only wanted a large sum of gifts thus resulting in her low opinion of him for the majority of the episode. Tina, on the other hand, believes that Colton is a good person but hasn’t shown that side of himself yet.

Throughout the party, Tina tries to prove there is more to Colton than meets the eye but ultimately fails at unveiling any revelations. Louise, being the most mischievous of the trio, believes that Colton doesn’t deserve the present they got him and wanted to replace it with a gag gift. Colton catches her and is actually entertained by the idea of upsetting his parents. He states that he didn’t really want the party with all the kids or presents and that the only reason this all happened was so his parents could take pictures. Learning this new information, the three finally see what is happening and empathizes with Colton’s unfair situation. No longer able to just stand by, the kids rally together to protest the pictures much to the camera happy parents. Coltons parents are upset with the Belcher children and believe they were trying to ruin the party but their child could not be silent anymore and tells them otherwise. After an open discussion, the parents agree they have a problem and allow him to open one gift with no cameras involved thus ending their bit in the show.

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Meanwhile, on his route home after dropping the kids off, Bob spots Edith struggling to carry several bags while walking home and makes a decision that sets the course for the whole episode. Upon this good deed, Edith asks Bob to make a quick stop. Needless to say, she comes running out of the house and makes Bob her get away driver. Edith admits that she wants to get back at her quilting club for rejecting her submission for the group quilt and kicking her out. She guilts Bob into helping her some more and gradually he begins to enjoy it. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be an episode of Bob’s Burgers if everything went to well for Bob until the end. The last person they stole from was Sargent Bosco’s mother, who immediately enlists him to go after the quilt thieves. Bob is now really upset as what was suppose to be a simple act of kindness turned into a run from the police but soon has a change of heart when he learns why Edits edition was not accepted. Bob later confronts the quilt club an convinces them to accept the quilt for it was an important edition to Edith and the history of the town. The episode ends on a good note with Bosco not intending to charge them with any crimes but just puts them in the back of his car for a short drive before he lets them go somewhere.

Quick chime in, Linda spends this episode helping Teddy overcome his dislike of sushi. Teddy agrees to a second date at a sushi restaurant and doesn’t wish to make any waves so he makes an effort to over come his disgust. In the end, Linda couldn’t help him so he goes on his date and only pretend to eat the sushi. Personally, the parts that made this remotely funny were the moments Teddy mistook the wasabi for guacamole and those who enjoy sushi, or at least know what wasabi is like, will understand why this is funny when someone takes a huge portion and eats it straight.

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Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

The main theme of this episode was to not judge or make assumptions about people before you get to know them. Louise only took pieces of what she saw in order to come to a conclusion about someone but upon learning his story began to see another side to the picture. Bob managed to get along with someone whom he has had a very bitter past with and learned something new about her along the way. True we didn’t get to see our song bird Linda much but I’m sure she’ll be around for the Thanksgiving special that Bob’s Burgers is really known for. Consequently, I found this episode to be exciting and heart warming despite some flaws here and there. This family may not be the most successful on their street but there is no denying they have good character that spreads.

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