Maggie is gone, Jack has been snatched, and Will got closure from Maggie. The Wells family has definitely changed. Charlotte dead, Maggie in America and her love and kids still in London. More truths are setting themselves free. One of which is that Maggie didn’t kill Isaac. Lucy finally learns what Mrs Harvey is really about and what they are facing. Basically they are broke. Kate is realizing more and more that the one she is truly in love with is the magistrate. Especially after she sleeps with him. She doesn’t even come home and Quigley is wondering where she is. Quigley finds out because well she is a blood hound and Kate defends her actions and for a second we see the old Quigley come out and rears her ugly head.

Emily is still dealing with her betrayals. Against Hal and against Maggie. Nancy is worried as well because she fears that she will be found out. She’s been trying to deal with her little blackmailer, but she can’t handle her. So she pawns her off on Fanny. Who then gives her back because she is annoying. But she runs her mouth too much and Nancy finds out that she killed the wrong brother because of Emily. She is protecting her man, but is out of loyalty or ambition. Emily’s character does the same through out all 3 seasons. She becomes unhappy, turns on those who love her, create trouble, then run back to Greek Street for assistance. Can we have just a little bit of growth? Lets face it, if Maggie and Nancy hadn’t have gotten involved, then she would have taken Isaac’s money and run off.

Lady Fitz is seeking her advice/help in order to get her daughter back. Sophia has basically been manipulated by her own daddy uncle. But that makes me wonder why that tidbit of information didn’t get used a little bit more often. Or even to Isabella’s benefit. She knows that her rapist brother has something to do with Sophia missing and she was manipulated so easily. Don’t forget that Lady Fitz has kidnapped her nephew and trying to barter with her brother, child for child. But instead of cooperating he pays her deadbeat husband to sell her off to anyone who will buy her.

After Lucy learns of her “plight”, because she is still stupid and hasn’t learned a damn thing since season 1. She is always getting herself is some mess, every season. Season 1 she killed George, her mother saves her. Season 2 she goes with Lord Fallon, her mother saves her, and loses her freedom because of it. Season 3 she goes into business with a stranger and doesn’t heed anyone’s warning and is about to lose everything. Lesson learned, absolutely not. She is still barreling forward blindly. Lucy is trying to work behinds the scenes with Croft, but she is a peasant so we already know that it is not going to work out. Why? Because none of their plans ever go right. In the end she is bound for the debtors jail. But she thinks that she can gain the attention of the Prince, since Quigley let it slip about what she is trying to give Kate, being the mistress of royalty. Things start off well but instantly go left. Why do you ask again? Because all of their plans fail. Well Lucy gets locked up. She takes the fall for Elizabeth Harvey. While that is happening Kate is getting her dreams fulfilled as the prince asks her to be his mistress. But what about Mr Magistrate. On the back hand she now can’t testify against Harcourt because she is locked up. But on the upside Harcourt also gets what he wants and becomes the Prince’s governor. Now, Kate is left to her own devices as the Prince wants her and not Quigley.

Will is still fighting for Harriet’s cause, Jack was stolen and she is desperately trying to find him before he shipped off to be a slave. The end up working with Hal since he may have a way in to free Jack. But of course since he is the cleaner upper, when he finds out that Lucy is locked up on behalf of someone else, he champions her cause and talks to Elizabeth. She makes it clear that she is not going back and that Lucy will take the fall for her. More backstabbing and betrayal as Hal deals with Ledsome. Lord Ledsome is a slave owner, which we found that out from his wife. Which also lead to Harriet severing ties with him. We know how well he took that. Now Hal and Lord Ledsome are incahoots. Hal has also tricked Harriet by claiming to be on her side and helping her. Will then gathers all the blacks around and speaks on his soapbox. He has the troops gathered and he also has Elizabeth trapped. However, now he is also working with the magistrate to free Jack.

Quick recap, Kate bagged the Prince. Lucy took the fall for Harvey. Isabella kidnapped her nephew. Will is the championed for kidnapped blacks. And Quigley has her house back, for the most part. She removed all her obstacles and a couple that weren’t even in her way. Cest la vie. I guess we will have to wait until next week to see how everything turns out and who ends up on top. Frankly, it seems to me Kate is the only victor in this episode, but is their relationship over before it begins because of the magistrate. It is so clear that she loves him and not the Prince. Emily ends up confessing most of what happened but she blames Maggie. Hal is even more crazy than we imagined, but Emily made her bed. One episode left. See yall next week…