Finally, 9-1-1 is back to its old self. I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Its starts off with a freak ice skating accident. There was a wardrobe malfunction and some figure skaters got hurt. Right away Hen seems to be off her game a little bit. Distracted even. The 118 patches everyone up and transports the victims to the hospital. And learn some interesting information about Bobby. He used to figure skate. And the crew is dumbfounded. But what is going on with Hen. She is usually the voice of reason and even Chim notices the difference in her but he doesn’t say much.

Soooooo like I predicted, Eddie, thanks to Bosko, is now fighting MMA. That explains the bruise on the elbow and the pain on his back. He has been fighting for money and enjoying it apparently. That can’t go wrong at all. So he decides to become a regular fighter. I would have thought that him and Lena getting together would have been a better story line and maybe they will in the future. Eddie drives up in his new truck and Buck asks a couple questions and Eddie makes up a story. They walk in the station and learn Athena is cooking lunch for them. Last week’s episode we learned about  Athena’s past. Well she was suspended for working the case and she has idle hands. Did you guys notice that Hen was late and Hen gets a call from home. So we know that there is trouble at home.

A couple more emergencies happen and the 118 handles it without any major problems. Hen still continues to get calls. The team starts to notice but they say nothing. Then when Hen gets home she finds Karen lying in bed, grieving the loss of her embryos. She is depressed and emotional and feeling alone in her loss. Her and Hen talk and in the end nothing is solved. It seems their relationship may be in a little trouble. Hen goes to visit Athena and they have a heart to heart about Karen. Hen feels bad for feeling angry at her wife but she feels like her and Denny are being neglected.

MMA fighting for Eddie did end up going kind of bad. He won his fight but also almost killed the guy he fought because he broke his nose and almost killed the man. When emergency services get there its Lena and her crew. She sees him and they have it out and she tells him that he needs to slow down. She even saves his butt by giving him a disguise. She reports him to his captain. We finally learn that Eddie is just angry and heartbroken over his wife not wanting him and then her dying. He breaks down and finally accepts how he feels.

The 118 has one final emergency to handle and Hen is driving and she is obviously distracted because of what is going on at home. Chim tries to get her head in the game. They save the victim and get ready to transport him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital. At the same time a young cellist is getting ready for a big performance that same day and is running errands in preparation. And she is hit, but the other car driving the same way did stop before turning. Hen was driving and she hit the girl. The girl who’s name is Evelyn and she is pronounced dead at the scene. Bobby calls Athena and Hen is losing it. Bobby pulls her away and the emotional breakdown that is evident on her face and the tension in her body from having hit this young girl and watching as they work on her. Athena comes up to help Hen and Hen begins to tell her what happened. Athena is trying to speak sense into her. As she is talking to her, the girl is pronounced dead