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Episode description:

Reunited with his sister, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Thea (guest star Willa Holland) find themselves searching through a familiar maze of catacombs. Meanwhile, John (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) partner on a special ops mission.

Oliver arrives on Nanda Parbat and finds Thea. A beautiful brother and sister reunion. Ollie catches her up with his new baby. Thea catches him up the destruction of the Lazarus pits and Roy.  Lastly, Oliver fills her in about the Monitor and was hoping the League might know something about the Monitor. Nyssa is off somewhere and the League is kinda scarce now, so Ollie and Speedy gotta find someone.

In the future, Mia and company arrive at the Cave looking for William. He’s fine, everything is fine. Except for the fact that JJ is targeting all the living members of the Star City Unification Movement. 10 are already confirmed dead and now JJ has all the names. But the team can use this to their advantage. Time to plan a trap. Or scratch that, Mia wants to bring the fight to them—probably not the best idea.

Back in the present,  we learn that Diggle isn’t with Oliver because Sandra and Connor Hawke are missing. You know like the Connor Hawke in the future. The were last seen in Kasnia. ARGUS has reason to believe a terrorist is holding them hostage. John and Lyla are going to infiltrate an event at said terrorist’s house.

On Nanda Parbat, Oliver and Thea fight some trainee Leaguers to get to Talia. Talia owes Oliver a debt and it’s time to pay up. Oliver wants the 411 on the Monitor. Time for some Indiana Jones escapades, the League records are kept in the now decrepit catacombs.

In the future, the new team is breaking into the Deathstroke gang’s stronghold. In Kasnia, Dig and Lyla and dancing, literally.  With some ARGUS tech Lyla intercepts some video footage of Sandra and Connor being held.

Photo Source: the CW Network/Arrow

The catacombs are what you’d expect, there’s even a secret rock door. But oh no, most of the scrolls have been looted. But don’t worry the exact scroll they needed was left behind. The scroll says to burn it, so they do and find a little ball thing that leads to a tomb. Basically they are on a scavenger hunt but before they can continue searching Athena and her men show up. I have no idea who Athena is but I guess she’s associated to the League. Like you’d expect they fight but have no fear our guys escape.

The scavenger hunt continues. Athena has the ball map and likely wants it for some magic sword that makes you leader. Taila memorized the map, so it’s all good—they just gotta beat Athena to the tomb. Ollie does his usually thing and sends Thea away to safety.

Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger is most likely being lured out of hiding for his family. Diggle doesn’t want to act alone, Lyla says nah. So then Diggle is like fine but I’ll do it alone. Dig is a bit shook from disintegration of Earth-2 and wants to keep Lyla safe. No one knows the future aka Lyla is a ride or die so, she ain’t going nowhere.

Talia takes Oliver to where he died by the hands of her father. It is there that they find the key to the tomb and another map. Talia can’t let Oliver or Athena get to the sword so she paralyzes him and dips out.

Of course, Thea finds Oliver because she didn’t listen. After some roasting she helps him out. Time to climb a mountain, the one Oliver fell off of.

In the future, William is hacking into the cameras. With eyes on the gang it is time to make their move. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla kick ass and rescue the Hawkes.

Photo Source: the CW Network/Arrow

At the top of the mountain Oliver and Thea find Athena with Talia captured. Athena has the three of them lead the way in the tomb expecting traps. No traps as of yet, just some stairs and a rope. Psych, there’s some flaming tiles now. The three of them are able to use the tiles as a diversion to get away from Athena and her men. Talia rushes after the blade, Thea follows as Ollie fights off the men. Talia reaches the blade and Thea challenges her to a fight as the heir of the demon. Thea gets the upper hand after some smart maneuvering with a chain and makes Talia yield. Oh yeah and they found a book.

Thea reads the book and finds the deets on the Monitor. The book suggest the Monitor is going to cause the crisis not prevent it. Talia is about to excommunicated herself but instead Thea offers a proposition. Together Thea and Talia create the League of Heroes, lame name cool idea though.

Lyla and Diggle tell each other how they love each other, something is up with Lyla for sure. Ollie says his goodbyes to Thea and is preparing to possibly having to fight a god. Goodbyes are tough.

New team Arrow crashes the Deathstroke party. Things go terribly wrong when JJ stabs Zoey dead when she rescues Mia from him. Zoey’s dead and I really didn’t expect that. Connor is about to pummel JJ in a fit of rage when a white light flashes in the future and present. Oliver finds himself in the present day Arrow cave with future Connor, Mia and William. Also Diggle, Rene and Dinah are there too.  I see you Arrow, you got my attention now.

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