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Superstore – ‘Mall Closing’ Recap

Teens descend and chaos ensues on #Superstore.
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Anyone who’s met a Gen Z kid can attest that they are the literal worst as a collective bunch. Last week’s Superstore proves that theory when the local mall closes, flooding Cloud 9 with a glut of bored, antsy, non-money spending teenagers. A managers worst nightmare.

As Amy and Dina try to shoo the kids out of the store, Amy discovers her daughter is one of the teen infestation. Desperate to reclaim a semblance of closeness with her kid, Amy embarks on a campaign of embarrassing “please like me” behaviors; giving free samples out (samples which are regular sized), carving out an entire area for them to hang, pretending she isn’t related to her own kid Emma. It’s ridiculous and utterly hilarious (as-is Dina’s attempts to circumvent Amy’s inanity).

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Although former Cloud 9 lovable snark Mateo is out on bond, he’s unemployed and aimless. And what does one do when one is unemployed? Gamble apparently. After refusing a modest loan from Jonah, Mateo gets into a friendly betting situation with Garrett and Jonah. Bets that continually go against him, causing him to lose $100 he doesn’t have. It isn’t until a random coin toss-where Mateo chooses heads every time-that he gets his money (plus an additional $300 from Jonah, natch) back. We could hear Jonah’s teeth grinding from a mile away.

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As the teens spread throughout the store like a Gen Z blob, Amy and Dina decide to take definitive action. Amy employs her tried-and-true method of helicopter mommying…and the kids scatter. It’s a brilliant technique and they fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Cloud 9 management skills for the win.

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