Same ole things are going on in 18th century London and most of the main characters are back into the fray. Well mostly that Lydia Quigley, with a new harlot, has escaped and is trying to get back on the top. But she has definitely changed to an extent. How much has she changed, we really don’t know. But she did spend an entire year in the crazy house.  Back at Golden Square, everyone is learning what kind of new house it is now, a Molly house. So, the gang is preparing for a big fight at Lady Fitz’s house and they are preparing for it. And Nancy is trying to warn Charlotte of Quigley and her tricks. Quigley is back and Mrs May’s and their relationship seems to be deterioating as Kate’s on her way to becoming a world class whore.

The Pincher brothers are beginning to mistrust one another, with the help of Emily, are trying to start a new business venture. And who walks in, none other than Margaret Wells who is back from America. But to do what? Start trouble? Is she back to stay? Is she there to kill Quigley. Nope. Her and her husband are there to sell off their holdings and then its back to America. Yes, her husband. We do not meet the same Margaret, but a changed and demure Margaret. Or is it a facade? And it is, and he knows all about her past. But how will he deal with it? Emily is brought into the mix and she of course recognizes Maggie but once she realizes that its all about business they settle on a common ground.

More and more fillers to the show. Relationships forming and people returning after the year has passes. Even Lady Fitz’s brother is back on the scene. One needn’t be a rocket scientist to figure out that these key players will eventually come back together. And they do when Quigley introduces Kate and she runs into Harcourt. But are they friend or foe. We know that they didn’t end on the greatest of notes and the end of season 2, he left her to rot in Bedlam. So they haggle over Kate and Quigley has a run in with Anne. Lydia learns that Lady Fitz is hosting an event and we can see the wheel turning over in her head. They are going to attend.

Somehow Maggie ends up and Greek Street and runs into Fanny. Fanny goes off to find Lucy, Charlotte and Jacob and Maggie finds Will in the kitchen and they have a touching reunion. Will is incredibly happy to see Maggie and they chat and he shares all the gossip of what has been going on. And Will finds out that she got married and he is not too happy and Maggie looks uncomfortable trying to explain herself. Everyone has to adjust to the fact that Maggie is back and has a husband. Clearly no one is happy with the situation but what do they expect her to do. I feel like they should just be ahppy that she is alive and well. Yet they are complaining about her being back. Especially Lucy who just knows what she is doing. Nancy and Will discuss Maggie’s return as well. Everyone seems to be unhappy about it. If they were going to give her that type of comeback they should have just allowed her to die. Which brings me to my next question, where is Amelia, Violet, and Mrs Scanwell. Where is justice Hunt? Did they get married and move away or did she run off with Violet? I guess we’ll never know.

Harriet and her new bully Jack seem to be in a struggle of love. They have feelings for each other that Harriet is desperately trying to ignore. She seems to have forgotten all about her feelings for Mr North. But they have a interference in the form of Lord Leadsom. Who is infatuated with Harriet. Needless to say, I do not see this ending well. Mrs Harvey seems to be developing something for Mr North but with Maggie back that seems like a dead issue. And now we are ready for some boxing. The event seems to be going well and everyone who is anyone is there including Quigley and Kate. I wonder if Lady Fitz regrets sponsoring her. The Pincher brothers are also arrive and soon after Quigley advertises Kate’s services.

Right before the fight is to begin, Jack kisses Harriet for good luck and Lord Leadsom does not like that one little bit. The fight commences and we go around the room to all our key players and take a peak into what’s happening around the fight. Quigley on the verge of passing out. Is something wrong with her? Next Charlotte and Kate have a run in and she tells Kate the Quigley is dangerous and be careful. Then Will and Mr Young are discussing the fight. Nancy and Maggie enter and see Will and Jonas talking. The Pincher brothers are also lurking the in the crowd watching the fight. It makes you wonder what is about to happen with the deal the Pincher’s made with Jonas. Then Issac and Charlotte have words and it seems like they are about to argue but they sneak off for a quick tryst. With Hal looking on and being suspicious. He soon follows after his brother but before he can reach him, Jonas cancels the deal. Hal is mad and finds Issac kissing Charlotte and the second boxing match begins. In the process Charlotte is thrown over the second story banister. She lay bleeding while Kate and Quigley look on she dies as Jack Winds his fight and her blood pools around her head.

Can I just say that I am getting to where I don’t wan to watch shows starring Jessica Brown-Findlay (Charlotte). Why? Well for one she seems incapable of committing to a show for longer than 3 seasons. When she was in Downton Abbey she died in season 3 as well. Lady Sybil was one of the most loved characters of the show. She was then replaced by Lady Rose. The show was just not the same after she left. And now she’s done it AGAIN. First we lost Maggie and now we have lost Charlotte. I don’t know, it makes me hesitant to watch another thing that she is acting in. She is a great actress don’t get me wrong, but she has changed the chemistry of the show once again. Where will the season go from here?