Welcome back fans of “Bob’s Burgers”, we are only in week two of season 10 but episode two, “Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus”, kept the hype. We will be giving a review of the latest installment and discussing what the episode’s content means for the characters and future within the series.

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Like many interesting episodes, the crew decided to open this segment at the farmers market. It is there that we are introduced to a new, interesting potential ingredient called the wolly neptune mushroom. Priced at thirty dollars per ounce, Bob wants to make them a temporary addition to the menu but the price is to steep for his clientele.

Aside from the numerous details that don’t seem to add up and the artistic licenses taken, the main story was good while the side story lacked in a few departments. The writers managed to make the story following Bob and Gene entrancing despite the lack of characters along with the natural setting. However, Tina managed to reach a new level of what are you thinking. After getting new glasses she somehow arrived to the conclusion that she had super powers, which we felt hurt the character that had been built up till this moment.

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It was a fun, lighthearted episode that most fan probably found satisfying. The interesting dynamic between the father and son is always an pleasure to watch unfold due to their many differences. We also were genuinely surprised and impressed that the team managed to work in a twist that we did not see coming which was the high point of the piece. Sadly the low point was definitely Tina’s story. Disappointment is the word best used to describe it, the writing itself wasn’t bad but the story. The story didn’t put a fan favorite in the best light, and while Tina is known for not being the brightest, this really knocked her down from being the most “mature” of the siblings.

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Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

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