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This post contains Major Spoilers for episode 1×08 of Black Lightning, “The Book of Revelations.”

This week’s episode starts out with the obligatory training montage between Jefferson and Anissa but to the song “Kung-Fu Fighting.” Jefferson trains Anissa using simulation software and teaches her a lesson on being in control and not reactive to the situations she will be put in. Jefferson also tells Anissa that he believes they are close to shutting down Green Light. Meanwhile, clips on the news show that the Freeland citizens are outraged over the death of Lady Eve and that Black Lightning is now a target due to her murder.

At the club, some rappers are rehearsing on the stage when the recently resurrected LaLa comes walking in. The rappers are immediately shocked when they see LaLa. LaLa tells them he’s back and that he likes what their doing with their music and leaves.

Gambi meets with Martin Proctor, a high ranking official for the ASA about Black Lightning. Martin believes they should have killed Black Lightning the first time they got the chance but Gambi tells him it was the logical choice. The ASA has been working with Lady Eve for some time and the Green Light drug is being used on Freeland as an experiment. The man tells Gambi that “he doesn’t like power he can’t control,” and is going to send ASA operatives into Freeland to kill Black Lightning.

At the Pierce residence, Jefferson and Lynn talk about Jennifer and Anissa. Lynn is making Jennifer intern at her lab until she joins an afterschool activity and Lynn is having thought’s about Anissa’s training. Jefferson calms Lynn down enough to talk to her about why he thinks Anissa will be successful hero. Jefferson says she reacts out of emotion but she has her mother’s brains so she’ll be fine.

At Lynn’s lab, Lynn is making Jennifer help clean up after the break-in they had in a few episodes back. Jennifer feels like its pointless work but Lynn doesn’t want to see Jennifer just sit at home all day and text her friends. Jennifer asks what’s going on with her dad and Anissa. Lynn plays it off but notices some files are missing. Lynn tells Jennifer to leave.

Jefferson and Anissa go to the morgue to check out the body of Lady Eve not before Gambi informs him there’s people coming for Black Lightning’s head. Jefferson lets Anissa break into the room but before she does he asks her how much force she needs to knock out the wall. The first time she doesn’t use enough force, the second time she knocks it down, but probably used too much. They find Lady Eve’s burnt body and Anissa see’s that the body wasn’t burned with lightning before Gambi interrupts and tells them she was killed with a weapon. Jennifer heads to the school to hang up flyers at her school when Keisha falls off a ladder causing Jennifer’s powers to manifest.

After Jefferson and Anissa’s investigation, Gambi is able to track down the radiation signature of the weapon that killed Lady Eve. Anissa and Jefferson head to the woods to find the weapon. Lynn finds a match between Alvin Pierce’s DNA and the drug Green Light. Lynn calls Jefferson to tell him Alvin’s DNA has been used as a vaccine and Green Light has been worked on for around 30 years. Eventually, Jefferson and Anissa come across a body. Jefferson uses an old phone to call the inspector so he can run an investigation.

In her room, Jennifer tries forcefully to recreate her powers which she successfully does.

Lynn goes to Gambi’s to show him her findings about Alvin and the Green Light drug however Gambi cannot talk about any of this. Lynn realizes that Gambi never talks about his life before Freeland and Gambi realizes its time to come clean to Jefferson.

While in the woods, Jefferson and Anissa spot a stranger who’s also looking into the weapon. The stranger turns on the weapon and blows up the area around the body, not before Anissa saves her dad. Jefferson goes home to talk to Lynn as his endorphins are running wild from being saved from Anissa. Lynn tells him he needs to go to talk to Gambi.

LaLa is in the shower when LaWanda appears again. They start kissing but then again LaWanda transforms back into the tattoo on LaLa’s chest.

Jefferson goes to Gambi’s. Gambi tells Jefferson that he’s been keeping secrets from him and now to protect him he has to tell him. Gambi tells him his name is Peter Esposito and that he moved to Freeland as an ASA agent. The ASA was conducting experiments to keep the people in Freeland docile but instead it gave them super-powers. Gambi then leaked the information that got Jefferson’s father Alvin killed. Gambi felt responsible for the death and did his best to protect Jefferson. Jefferson predictably doesn’t take the news well. Gambi also tells him that he has to stop being Black Lightning and that a man from the ASA, Martin Proctor, is after him.

In the final scene, Jennifer comes into Anissa’s room and shows Anissa her phone that she broke using her powers earlier.


This weeks episode “The Book of Revelations,” predictably revealed to us important information that will help set up the last 5 episodes of the season. From Gambi’s involvement with the ASA, to the revelation of Jennifer’s powers, everything is starting to come together.

The one thing however that wasn’t revealed was what the heck is going on with LaLa? From his odd meeting with the rappers at the club, to LaWanda telling him to kill them when they were driving his car, to his odd make-out in the shower with the illusion of LaWanda, I’m really interested to see where Black Lightning is taking us with LaLa.

Tobias Whale was unnoticeably absent this week, I say that in a good way. As one of the best and most interesting characters every week, I honestly didn’t realize Tobias didn’t make an appearance until the episode was about to end. Hopefully Tobias makes up for his lack of involvement in next weeks episode.

I didn’t put it in the recap but there was a short church scene that foreshadowed Gambi’s coming out to Jefferson and Lynn . In the scene, Gambi was at church when he saw an old customer. The song being sung in the church brought him to tears. The ladies message to Gambi: ” Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.” 

Jennifer got her powers this episode and already came out to her sister about it. While I’m sure she will be more hesitant to tell her parents about it, I’m guessing Anissa will be the one to help her through it before her parents eventually find out or she flat out tells them. This show has done a great job of defying a lot of tropes we see in the other Arrowverse shows, especially with dealing with secrets, so lets hope the revelation of Jennifer’s powers are dealt with sooner than later.

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