The summer television desert is well upon us but one show emerges to pull viewers through the sultry season and keep them on the couch in front of the air conditioner – Preacher. Season three returns to bring sexy back to Southern Gothic drama and to keep us all from going outside to enjoy the sunlight.

Season three, episode two – Sonsabitches – is largely devoted to Jesse’s attempt to escape his grandmother and the role she has chosen for him in the family’s rebirth from an aged, wasted thing to something vital again. Without his soul he doesn’t really have a chance, as we see when Gran’ma twists the knife on him a little (or towel. I like her ingenuity). Jesse has another of what Cass would call “his plans,” and the three work together to pull off several plans in one that will leave Jesse free to meet with Starr unbothered by the family.

Photo Source: Preacher on AMC

Photo Source: Preacher on AMC screenshot by Crystal Spears from The Game of Nerds

One thing Jesse doesn’t count on is the message that Tulip received when she returned from the dead. Evidently, when God tells you to “shoot them sonsabitches” while wearing a dog suit on a dusty highway, you do it . . .but you hope to have better timing than Tulip does. That’s all I’m going to say about that but I hope her judgement holds up a little better in the future. I’m starting to form opinions about the romantic relationship that is trying to steer her away from Jesse’s side, but I also think Cass’s umbrella hat is so practical and fun that I have to give him and is no-sunlight romance a chance to fully develop.

While all of this is going on I was introduced to the new most unlikely place to have a gunfight and we learn how Gran’ma plans to bring vitality back to her own body of age and waste. Jesse is left at the end of the episode getting down to her dirty work and we reunite with someone from early in the episode who helped to show that Jesse has a little soul that no one can take from him.

The Game of Nerds coverage of season three of Preacher is starting a little late this season so next week I’ll review episodes 3 and keep at it until we catch up with the really real world.