Younger – A Close Shave

"Younger" Ep. 406 (Airs 8/2, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

What do you do when you’re the boss at a publishing company and your 20something crush, whose actually 40something, has dinner with another 40something that wasn’t you? You explode on her during a heated debate when much more important things are happening that need your undivided attention.

If you guessed that that was about Liza & Charles you were right, and if you didn’t you honestly should have, it wasn’t a hard one to figure out.

Before we get into all that, let’s cover the B plot. Maggie and Lauren go out to celebrate her breakup from Max when a beautiful gallery owner puts the moves on Maggie (do people still say that? it felt wrong). Maggie is feeling it until she gets closer and notices HGA rocking a full on moustache. They still have a date though because Mags is trying to not be superficial. The date ends with a couples bath, where Donna asks Maggie to shave her (and spreads her legs, making her meaning very obvious) and Maggie starts putting shaving cream on Donna’s upper lip. Needless to say, they won’t be seeing each other again.

"Younger" Ep. 406 (Airs 8/2, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Now, Millennial’s labradoodle book is a huge best-seller because everything sucks and people are garbage. Charles is thrilled at the money the book is bringing in, because it will help them give L.L. Moore more money to keep him happy. The book also spurs a Twitter feud between Kelsey & Zane that results in some media coverage and great sex.

At one point, Charles tells Kelsey to shut the feud down, but Kelsey is a real dick to him so she feels bad and tells Zane they should cut it off while they’re in bed together. He agrees to a truce but then sees a text from Charles on her phone with the perfect $ amount and helps Rivington poach Moore. WHO TEXTS THAT KIND OF INFORMATION FREELY?! WHO HAS THEIR PHONE UNLOCKED WHEN THEY HAND IT TO SOMEONE?! WHY?!

While this is happening, Liza & Caitlyn run into Jay from Bonfire and Caitlyn does not understand that he thinks Liza is 27 so she’s all like “mom” “mom” “mom” and Jay is like WTF how. Liza agrees to have dinner with him, thinking he is going to expose her or blackmail her but he just wants to talk to her (and date her I assume) so he’s not blowing her cover. He’s “one of the good guys” and I’m glad he hated on himself for saying that because guys who say that ARE NEVER GOOD. Just then, Charles walks in and sees Liza with Jay who reassures him that it’s purely a social call *wink wink*, no shop talk. You can see it on his face that Charles is devastated to think Liza is dating this guy.

"Younger" Ep. 406 (Airs 8/2, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

The next morning, Charles is already salty, then he learned that Rivington stole L.L. Moore and is FURIOUS. Charles yells at Kelsey, who goes to cry in her office, causing Liza to storm in to yell at Charles, who then proceeds to yell at Liza about how irresponsible Kelsey is being and how he’s worried about making payroll AND ALSO HOW DARE SHE DATE AN OLD THAT ISN’T HIM. Liza has no time to react to that last part because Diana and all of empirical storm in while singing Happy birthday to Charles and holding a cupcake. (yup, worst birthday ever)

In sum, this episode needed more Josh, Kelsey is worried about her job and her career, Liza has a lot of feelings to deal with, Charles is a DILF & idk why I was so anti #TeamCharles before, Diana finally realized that she loves Richard and can finally stop trying to get Charles to notice and love her & Lauren just wants to get laid.

"Younger" Ep. 406 (Airs 8/2, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Tune in tonight to see just how Liza & Charles deal with the declaration of Like on a brand new Younger, only on TVLand.


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