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Dragon Ball Super — Episode 125 Review

A new Destroyer shows up in the Tournament of Power. Read our review to find out who!

Spoilers will be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami.

With the double eliminations of Gohan and Dyspo from the Tournament of Power in last week’s episode, the gloves finally come off. The field narrows down to just Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and 17 of Universe 7 against Top and Jiren of Universe 11 as we’re just minutes away from the end of the tournament. And it’s in these few intense minutes that one of the biggest twist to the tournament occurred. What exactly happened you say? Well, you’re in the right spot, lets dive into the episode!

While Goku and Vegeta battle Jiren, the real bulk of the episode dealt with 17, Frieza and Top. At first it’s just 17 engaging with Top with 17 trying to push Top out of the arena, however Top is holding his own. Well that is until 17 and Top engage in a beam struggle where it’s obvious that either of them will be eliminated if they get hit by this. However, before either can be hit, Frieza fires off a few Death Beams right into the back of Top and then sandwiches the Pride Trooper with a ki beam of his own. This, along with what 17 was firing crush Top from both sides and engulfs him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

This isn’t the end of Top though, oh no, this brings out the Destroyer in him. And by that, I mean that somehow Top breaks through everything and it’s revealed that he was actually training to become the NEW Universe 11’s God of Destruction! It’s here, that it’s explained that nothing will phase Top since he’s covered in Destroyer Aura. That means punches, kicks, energy blast, you name it will just cease to exist — this causes 17 and Frieza to play keep away from the Destoryer. The only thing stoping Top from outright using his immense powers fully is the rules of the tournament itself and how he can’t kill anyone.

This is such a power boost in the Tournament of Power that Goku, Vegeta and Jiren stop fighting all together at the mere presence of it. 17 is able to dodge most of Top’s Destroyer styled ki blast. Frieza on the other hand is so lucky and at almost every turn gets hit by Top’s new power. One of them is the actual Destroyer attack Hariki —  a move that can instantly kill anyone. The Hariki, is so powerful that Frieza is severely weaken from his Golden Form and the tournament arena is actually now split in two!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125
Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Did this new turn of events come out of nowhere? Yes, it did. Was it visually stunning and amazing to see though? Yes, it was. There really was no hint of this occurring previously in the series, and if there was then Jiren would have been the primary candidate for it happening. However, now that Top has gotten a power boost that seems to eclipse even Jiren’s power, I’m curious to see now who would be the final remaining fighters as the time runs out in a few episodes.

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