denise and zack stan against evil

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Episode Recap

This episode begins as a dramatic entrance. A handsome man descends a flight of stairs, declaring his love for a beautiful woman. As they pledge their eternal love, he bites her upon her neck, and the scene fades away. We are reminded that this is an episode of Stan Against Evil, when Stan asks, “Hey, whatcha guys watching, the goddamn assholes show?”. Evie and Denise promptly reply that they are watching an episode of their favorite show, Vampire Creek, a show full of sexy teen vampires. The girls munch on their popcorn and ogle over their dreamboats when delivery man knocks on the door. Denise won a mirror from the set of Vampire Creek because of her amazing fanfiction! After all, her second favorite hobby is writing fanfiction! The scene ends with the handsome vampire laughing maniacally.

After her amazing night, Denise ran down to the graveyard to tell Kevin. She wants to spend the night celebrating however, he tells her he has night school. He wants to stop digging graves and start digging pools, but this leads to a dispute. Denise feels that Kevin isn’t serious about her and stomps away. She returns home to find her new mirror whispering her name. suddenly, she’s pulled into the mirror and found on the set of Vampire Creek. The handsome man (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) appears and is named Zack. He is in love with Denise and wants to turn her; living in this world for all of eternity. He even invites her to vampire prom! The catch? She must turn into a vampire which means she can’t return home or eat Poptarts ever again. As a gentleman, he offers Denise a bit of time to think about it.

As the night goes on, the scene pans over to Stan, asleep in bed surrounded by books. He wakes with a jolt and senses Denise isn’t home. He is perplexed at the idea that a 32-year-old woman is out all night and heads over to Kevin’s house. After grilling Kevin, he decides to head home. Meanwhile, back in Vampire Creek, Zack is hungry and keeps attempting to turn Denise. She seems to be coming around but, offers him another source of blood.

Back in Willard’s Mill, Stan calls Evie to search for Denise. Before they can begin looking for her, the phone rings and Stan leaves Evie alone with the mirror. Kevin is on the line, telling him that Denise isn’t at her usual haunts. As the two gab, the mirror calls to Evie, pulling her inside. The scene cuts back to Denise and Zack only, they are at a local spot for transits. The plan is, Zack will drain the blood from a homeless man after Denise hits him over the head with a hammer! Out of nowhere, Evie plops in and stops Denise from killing someone. As Evie tries to get Denise to leave, Zack bites her. The next morning, Evie emerges from a coffin, a sexy vampire.  While she deals with her new identity, Denise finds Zack too clingy. She’s getting sick of all the attention.

evie as a vampire stan against evil

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We are back at Stan’s house as he is telling Leon that the girls are missing. Stan leaves the room and once again, the mirror whispers. It tried to get Leon, but being the clever man, he is, he ignores it. Leon can tell Stan about the mirror, and they decide that’s where the women are. As Stan goes into the mirror, Leon calls Kevin. Stan heads to prom and Evie is there, getting drunk on blood and having a great time. In minutes he too, is quickly turned into a vampire. Next, Kevin jumps into the mirror to crash the party. He runs in just as Zack announces that Denise won Prom Queen. Kevin apologizes to Denise for blowing her off and admits that he was afraid she would stop liking him if they spent too much time together. Right before Denise forgives him, Kevin is turned into a vampire too!

At this point, Denise is sick of her loved ones turning into vampires and wants to get them to safety. She offers up her freedom for her own however, Zack informs her that they can’t leave unless she kills them. After making up with Kevin, she stabs him in the heart with a table leg. Next is Evie and then Stan. Finally, she stabs Zack and is released from the mirror. In the end, they are safe and sound back at home. They all agree that this evening, never happened.


This episode left me with a variety of questions. First, did anyone else see that pyramid of hotdogs Leon was eating? I gotta know, was he eating them with condiments? Did he have buns? Where did he get them? If he ate Stan’s dogs, won’t he be mad? I know if someone ate my Kirkland hotdogs, I’d be heated.

Secondly, what is Denise’s favorite hobby? She seemed really embarrassed after she let it spill that writing fanfiction was her second favorite hobby. She seems so sure of herself, I find it difficult to imagine something embarrassing her. She is a huge inspiration and teaches people to be themselves. Who knew Poptarts would be a factor when becoming undead? I will admit, when Zack told her she couldn’t eat Poptarts again, I nearly cried for her.

Finally, what books was Stan reading when he fell asleep? Is he formulating a plan to put an end to these misadventures? Maybe he is trying to bring back Claire again? Stan always seems to have a unique plan up his sleeves and I’m curious to see which direction he goes in.

I have so many questions and am really looking forward to the upcoming episode. My final thought is, Evie makes a beautiful vampire. She has the perfect teeth for it and I found myself totally in love.