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With Catherine blindsided by King Henry’s declaration to marry her, her plans to wed Prince Harry are in a state of flux. Henry sees their potential union as a way to keep the Spain-England alliance alive and well while also allowing Catherine to have the dignity of her position.

The problem in all of this is her increasing feelings for Harry. Catherine is also somewhat of a pragmatist; when Harry reminds her that any sons she has with Henry will never attain the throne, her course is set. She’ll wait for Harry.

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This isn’t just a story of smitten royals though. Catherine’s ladies, Lina and Rosa, have their own adventures and intrigues within the Tudor court. Due to their high status as La Infanta’s ladies-in-waiting, they are expected to make strong matches…only with the express approval of Lady Margaret Beaufort. Rosa instead begins a torrid affair with Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham and finds herself pregnant by the very married nobleman.

Lina is told by Lady Margaret that she’ll be promised to Charles Brandon, Harry’s best friend. Only problem with that: Lina is very much in love with Oviedo, a Moor soldier attached to Catherine’s retinue. The passion these two exude-after Lina tried to deny her feelings-is most exhilarating.

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This is Catherine’s story ultimately and the episode ends with her taking a calculated risk. She turns down King Henry’s proposal and hopes against hope that her mother releases her full dowry and Harry honors his statement of love. Risk versus reward all around.

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