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The current cast, including newbie Tyler

Hoechlin who will be playing Superman/Clark Kent in a handful of episodes attended the panel and gave out a bunch of juicy tidbits to hold us over until the second season premiere on October 10th.


  • Superman and Kara will butt heads on what the best way to be a superhero is. “Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on earth,”

-No, Hoechlin hasn’t tried on the suit yet, but he does that have that cute front curl down.

  • The POTUS, played by Lynda Carter, will be the catalyst to bring Superman and Supergirl together for something big going down.
  • The four show crossover is once again confirmed. It will most likely take place on Arrow’s 100th episode.

-Katie Cassidy has been promoted to series regular on ALL CW superhero shows, along with John Barrowman. So maybe we will get to see her pop over into Kara’s universe in the future.

  • We will get to see more of Alex’s personal life this season and what she does outside of the DEO.
  • In hand with that, a big mission this season will be finding Alex’s father, Jeremiah Danvers, who is supposedly locked away in Cadmus.

-Chris Wood’s character is still a mystery, but it was revealed that he is in the pod in the cliffhanger for season 1.

  • Maggie Sawyer’s character will be a badass cop with a complicated past relationship with Batgirl.
  • Winn will reach is full potential in season 2. If I had to guess, he will probably end up working for the DEO fulltime.

-DVD/Blu Ray for season 1 will be coming out August 9th

  • Kara and Jame’s relationship will be explored early in the season.
  • When asked how moving to the CW and Vancouver will affect the show, the cast only has positive things to say. While National City might not be as sunny as the first season perpetually was, the scope is now broader for them to shoot more outdoor scenes and play with the environment more.

-The cast has gotten the first three scripts but production doesn’t start until August 1.

That’s it, folks! There will be a lot of news to come out over the next couple months once they start filming about further casting and such (and maybe they’ll invite Laura Benanti back someday?).

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