It’s once again that glorious time of year where nerd culture descends onto San Diego for the largest convention of its kind: SDCC

The Simpsons are no strangers to this as they’ve been regulars at the show for quite some time now. Yesterday’s panel had Yeardley Smith as the moderator and Matt Groening, Al Jean, Stephanie Gillis and Mike Undersaw (both writers) as guests.

The Sequel

One of the burning questions that’s been on a lot of fan’s minds has been: will there be a sequel to The Simpsons movie? The answer is…eventually.

“The first Simpsons movie killed us,” said Groening bluntly. The main challenge to the first film was that there was no separate team working on it. The regular cast and crew had to make the time in between seasons to make it happen and this meant working around the clock. “We’re almost recovered. No doubt there will be another Simpsons movie one of these days. Disney wants something for its money.”

Season 19 DVD

Another big reveal came when it was announced that season 19 of the show would be released on DVD. Al Jean stated that the Season 19 DVD includes 20 episodes and features collectible Homer Simpson packaging. There are also custom menus on every disc, along with commentary on every episode.

simpsons 203


Fans will no doubt rejoice at this news since we are woefully behind in terms of production but more importantly the set will be up to date. If you recall the DVDs were on a regular release schedule until season 17 when production stopped. Then fan outcry convinced the home entertainment unit to release season 18. The timing just wasn’t right though as the shows 20th anniversary was approaching so they released a bare bones season 20 DVD to coincide with it.

“I can’t think of a better thing to put on your shelf between seasons 1-18 and 20,” Jean remarked slyly.

Treehouse of Horror XXX

The next big reveal came when the panel previewed the new Treehouse of Horror, which coincidentally (or not based on the poster) also happens to fall on the 666th episode. Attendees were shown the cold open which will be an Omen/Exorcist spoof.

simpsons 204


Maggie is shown having Satanic powers and tormenting her family members and other Springfielders. Flanders vows to rid the town of her evil, attempting to sacrifice her inside the church. When Homer and Marge arrive to stop him, Flanders shows them the Mark of the Beast on Maggie’s head, which turns out to be a Mickey Mouse logo. The Simpsons crew are certainly enjoying poking fun at their new corporate overlords.

Attendees were also shown a portion of one of the segments which happens to be a Stranger Things parody with Lisa as 11 and Milhouse as Will. Milhouse gets dragged into the ‘Over-Under’ and Lisa is sent to rescue him. The clip had many callbacks to the show and even, impressively, has a seen at Starcourt Mall.

Everything Else

Looking ahead to next season, they confirmed a few guest stars for the new season. Comedian and SNL alum John Mulaney, as well as Aquaman star Jason Momoa, will be showing up this fall.

The Simpsons producers were thrilled to have Momoa — that is, once they could pin him down for a recording session. “We would hear, ‘Oh, he’s filming on a top of a mountain or he’s filming under the water,'” said Jean with a chuckle. “It was hard to get him in a studio that was within the terrestrial realm.”

simpsons 206


Interestingly, Groening revealed that he’d pitched a live action Krusty the Clown spinoff years ago, though the network wasn’t into the idea at the time. I can only imagine what this would have looked like.

When asked what some of their favorite songs from the series were the writers had these gems:

Season 31 will premiere this September on Fox.

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