This past week’s episode of The Walking Dead was fairly, low key in my opinion. It had some important things happen, but for the entertainment factor, it was sort of lackluster. So we get to finally see the backstory of the Carol and Negan plan come together, with Negan being the level headed one in the jail cell and Carol just wanting revenge. Present-day Carol places Alpha’s walker head on a pike and asks him what took him so long. He should have done it quick, Negan says that takes time, he wanted to make sure he got out with his head. Carol refuses to go back to Alexandria yet and tells Negan he is free and can go and do whatever he wants.


Carol with a Alpha skewer. Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Magna finally gets back with the rest of the group and Jerry is happy to see her. Rosita makes Eugene tell everyone that he is talking to someone else, everyone is scared but Ezekiel tells everyone to let Eugene have a moment to speak. He tells everyone about Denise and his meeting, and Yumiko and Ezekiel eventually go along with him, as Magna refuses to go. On the trip the trio passes a cage with a lot of walkers trapped inside, still unsure how that happened, there is a point where everyone has to fight off some walkers. Ezekiel has a tough time fighting off the walkers, and in the process, his horse is bitten. At night the horse ends up falling over and Ezekiel has to kill it, in town they see some walkers tied up, the place is abandoned, but they come across some person who is the most excited to see them! Her name is Princess.


What up bitches?! I’m Princess! Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Beta finds Alpha’s head on the spike, he goes CRAZY, he makes Alpha’s head bite a walker who tried to call him the Alpha. He goes to a town and ends up listening to his own music, which was really a song by Emily Kinney. He listens to Alpha’s head, he ends up using his music loudly to get a bunch of walkers, kills Alpha’s head and cuts off part of her face to add to his face. Beta and the walkers head off somewhere as this episode ends.

Carol pretty much sucks, she goes off on her own, tries to find a canoe, gets trapped, all the while hearing Alpha spew at her. Carol has to break her shoulder or arm to get herself out of the trap, kills the walker, and finally heads back to Alexandria.

While this was going on, Negan went to get Lydia but was met by Daryl, Negan talks to Daryl and he is able to get to a mutual understanding with Daryl. They talk later, waiting for Carol, they just end up having a weird dynamic but it does seem that Negan is back in the fold with Alexandria.