The latest Fear the Walking Dead episode was, I’ll say it boring! Not much to touch on so we will run through things quickly. The kids were willing to stay and maybe leave with our group for a bit, they stayed at the truck stop, tried to help rebuild the plane that everyone else brought back in pieces. We even learned the backstory of the kids and in turn all the people at the camp. It was the parents who had to lock themselves in because they got sick fighting the toxic walkers.

Gracie needed the generator to keep the plant going long enough to not blow up and kill everyone, is what I think she was really getting at. She wanted to bide time until everyone could rebuild the plane and leave. Morgan went out to talk to her, and was going to go with her but she didn’t have another suit and left him outside of the roadblock after he helped her move them. He at least had a brief moment with his prior staff. The kids left when they found out that Morgan went to help someone from the power plant, because they don’t like the plant.

Strand and Charlie went back to Jimbo’s place and got his hot air balloon beer to transport the propeller over the mountains to the others, it was funny and glorious, and insane, but of course something went wrong and it crash landed inside the contaminated area, Morgan heard and saw what happened, and ran into the contaminated area without any protection either in hopes of saving the others. As the episode closes we have three people in the area without any protection.


John Dorie reads a letter from Sherry. Sadly it was a letter that she asked Dwight to not look for her anymore. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Elsewhere John helps Dwight look for Sherry. John is able to find a clue at a restaurant that Dwight missed. Dwight realizes he was on the wrong road this entire time. So they get to a house, Dwight doesn’t find anything from Sherry, but he found food and supplies so is sure he is getting close, and he hasn’t been this excited in quite awhile. Inside the van though, John did find a note from Sherry, and in it she asks him to stop looking for her and to live his life. John, shockingly, doesn’t tell Dwight what he found. The most shocking part of the entire episode.