Source Octobersky

The story picks up moments after Stefan attacks his brother Damon after Elena is found dead under Wickery Bridge. Elena is “woken” by the noise of Damon getting hurt by Stefan because he believed Damon killed Elena. Elena is completely wild and disoriented. She protects Damon by attacking Stefan. Once Stefan realizes it is Elena attacking him the fight goes out of him. They need to make Elena rational again so they find Matt so she can have human blood then sleep.

Everyone believes Elena to be dead even though they haven’t found a body. At the service Meredith gives misinformation during her time to speak about Elena. Elena took this as a message that Meredith wanted to see her because she KNEW. Meredith and Bonnie took seeing Elena not dead and a vampire.

Elena knows there is a Power out there in Fell’s Church that isn’t Damon or Stefan. She feels responsible for the town now and wants to rid Fell’s Church of this evil Power. She manages to get Stefan and Damon to agree to work together even though that ended bad for Katherine. She also manages to wrangle Bonnie and Meredith to help. Eventually Matt decides to help too.

Meredith brings in Alaric who is someone that knows a bit about the supernatural and is posing as a history teacher. Upon meeting Elena, Damon and Stefan Alaric tries to help. Unfortunately the Power is building up. A week after Elena changed, they still are no closer to finding the source of the Other Power. Everyone agree though that something is coming to a head. They believe it’s going to erupt at the Snow Dance at the high school.

At the dance, Elena, Bonnie, Meredith, Damon, Stefan, Matt and Alaric have a “command” center in the history classroom. Bonnie uses her psychic powers one more time and leads them to Thomas and Honoria’s tombs.

What do they find in those tombs? Who or what is the Other Power? Who survives the show down? Read and tell me what you think in the comments below. Til next week…