Big news about version 1.1 from the HoYoverse, developers of Honkai: Star Rail, came out on the evening of May 26th, and it answered a lot of questions players had about the game. If you are wondering what Honkai: Star Rail is a turned-based Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) that is one of the most popular games on the market right now. Find more information about Honkai: Star Rail here.

What’s the Honkai: Star Rail News?

The nearly 40-minute video that HoYoverse released on the evening of May 26th has a lot of news that people wanted to hear. However, it did not cover the one thing that people wanted to hear the most – when the next chapter of the story will come out. This new chapter that players are waiting for will likely wrap up the Xianzhou Luofu story and introduce the 4th planet that can be explored, assuming there is one.

Most players who have been playing Honkai: Star Rail, released in late April, have likely finished the whole story that is released right now and, therefore, only log in briefly each day to quickly do daily quests. So, releasing the new story missions would bring a lot more players back into the game to play more. Alas, it seems fans will have to wait a while longer for it.

Going live on June 7th, 2023, here is what we do know about version 1.1 of Honkai: Star Rail, aka Galactic Roaming.

  1. Three new five-star characters will become available to earn between early June in mid-July, as well as a handful of new four-star characters. Here are the five-star characters:
    • Silver Wolf – following the path of Nihility as Quantum damage dealer. She will be available to earn from June 7th to the 28th.
    • Luocha – following the path of Abundance as an Imaginary damage support. He will be available to earn from June 28th to July 18th.
    • Yukong – following the path of Harmony as an Imaginary damage dealer. She will be available to earn from July 18th until early August.

      If you are interested in any of these characters, take a closer look at them on the official Galactic Roaming website. They will also be released with their new Lightcones (aka weapons) that will have to be earned separately from the characters themselves. Probably the most interesting characters are Loucha and Yukong because they are Imaginary damage characters, which there is currently only one of in the game, Welt, and it is extremely rare to earn him.
  2. There are seven new events coming with version 1.1 as well.
    • Gift of Odyssey – a seven-day login event that gives a total of 10 Star Rail passes after all seven days. Star Rail passes allow the potential to earn new five-star characters.
    • Starhunt Game – a 14-day event starting on June 7th that is related to the release of Silver Wolf. More details have yet to be announced.
    • Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities – starting on June 9th, players will have to curate new exhibits for the Everwinter Museum. This event will go on indefinitely and like reset every one to two weeks with new rewards.
    • Lab Assistant in Position – another 14-day event starting on June 19th where players have to collect research materials for scientific research to earn rewards.
    • Planar Fissure – this seven-day event will double the planar relic drop rates from the Simulated Universe starting on June 23rd.  Save up your Simulated Universe orbs to take full advantage of this event.
    • Stellar Flare – like the Hall of Memories and Hall of Chaos, players will take on limited-time challenges that they must beat within a certain amount of turns to earn rewards.
    • Garden of Plenty – for seven days starting on July 10th, Golden and Crimson Calyxes will drop double rewards. It’s a good idea to save up your Trailblaze Power refreshments so that you can take full advantage of this event.
      If you are interested in more details on any of these events, find more details here.
  3. Finally, there are also several other gameplay updates, including four new companion missions, the ability to text chat with in-game friends, navigation to specific enemies on the map, the chance to encounter lost trotters that will drop extra loot for you!

If you are interested in learning more about any of these events, characters, or other additions to the game, check out the hyperlinks above or take a look at the full video HoYoverse released.