Welcome back for another installment of Overwatch Tips! This week we have the ever elusive Genji to go over. Another one of those characters with a high skill ceiling. Once you learn the basics and maybe pick up some of the advanced techniques, you will be a Pro Genji in no time.


Genji is at his best when he is being used behind enemy lines, poking and potentially killing some of the squishier heroes. This will keep some heat off of your team and getting quick kills will help initiate that push your team needs.

Genji’s Combo and Abilities

A solid combo I personally like to use is triple straight shuriken, dash, turn around and melee. This will most of the time kill any hero 200 hp and below. Also when in combat, double jumping will make you a lot harder to hit, especially double jumping unpredictably. Lastly, Genji’s deflect is your best friend when timed right. Baiting enemies into shooting at you and putting up a quick reflect will turn the tides of the battle rapidly.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment


Genji’s deadly Dragonblade is a powerhouse of an ult. But because of it’s six second up time, your every move becomes crucial. Making sure your enemies are right in front of you will prevent some lost time. Also targeting heroes with 200 hp and lower will be easier than putting three or four swipes into a tank and wasting that ultimate. Also, you MUST avoid Lucio. He can boop you and waste a good second of your ult and throw you off.

Strong and Weak Matchups

Some heroes you will be hoping to see on the enemy team is Soldier 76, Junkrat, Hanzo, Bastion, and Widowmaker. Those heroes rely on space between them and the enemy. They won’t even be able to touch you and before you know it you won the matchup unscathed.

But some heroes you will need to watch out for are the likes of Zarya, Pharah, Winston, and Mei. All three besides Pharah have a primary fire that can shoot through your deflect. Pharah will be dangerous because of her great distance in the air and her ability to two shot you and it’s over before you know it. Also watching for all of their ultimates besides Winston and deflect them right back at them will really help you turn the tables.

With all that and mind and a little bit of practice you’ll be pro in no time. Genji has one of the highest skill ceilings in the game so it may take some time to really get the hang of it. Until next time, Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!