Secco’s Oasis gets the focus this episode while the previous episode showed off Cioccolata’s Green Day.


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First is set up of exactly the relationship between the two characters, Cioccolata treating Secco as a pet rather than a person as well as Secco’s ability to hit small things in the air with impressive accuracy. Next is the display of Secco’s actual ability. As Mist and Bruno attempt to get up a group of stairs and to a car to escape the village Secco’s Oasis begins to work, sinking the stairs into the ground and attacking from under it. The pair barely make it up where Secco begins to attack them again. Bruno then takes a running jump off part of the higher area to attack Secco.


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As he is not effected by the mold that would attack any living thing as it went lower it sparks a discussion between both the villains and the heroes to what Bruno’s nature is now. In the car escaping Bruno explains to Giorno how his spirit somehow has managed to re inhabit his already dead body. The body continues to degrade over time and Bruno mentions he must not have much time left before even this temporary reprieve from death, brought about by both his and Giorno’s own will and desire to continue the mission, will soon come to an end.

As they drive the sounds of a helicopter are heard and a body full of mold falls onto the car. Bruno, Mista and Giorno manage to get out from the vehicle before it goes too far down hill, saving themselves from the mold’s deadly effect but the effect on the rest of the city of Rome is shown. People die and melt away from the mold, hundreds of innocent civilians becoming involved and Giorno expresses his extreme disgust with this act. Giorno uses Mista’s bullets to fire close to the helicopter and then grow a tree to keep the vehicle temporarily in pace. At this point Giorno and Mista split up from Bruno, the two former going to confront Cioccolata while Bruno will fight against Secco.
The episode is not the most amazing of the season or the series but it serves its purpose well. It sets up the second of the two stand users for the fight that will take place through out the rest of the next episode and gives all the information needed for that. It also raises the stakes as they are close to the Colosseum where the group is supposed to meet the mysterious voice from the computer and if they are not able to defeat these two quickly, especially Cioccolata, their contact will be in danger.