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Source: Screenshot IFC’s Stan Against Evil Episode: Intensive Scare Unit

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Stan gingerly walking down a blue misty hallway. His brow dripping with sweat indicates a certain level of fear. All that can be hear is Gerard Ducette’s declaring, “…get a bigger evil, let a little in!” and Evie crying out, “…it’s more powerful than Eccles!”. Suddenly, the slightly elegant blue lighting turns a dark red and fear is more apparent. Stan walks through a doorway and sees Horess. He explains that he took over Judy’s body but now he is in need of a new host. Horess, in all his creepy glory, states that he can get rid of Constable Eccles, for a price, just let him in. Stan begins screaming when he is roused awake by Denise. She informs him that it is time for his gentleman’s appointment at the hospital.

Stan is now in the hospital after his nurse, Nurse Pickles (Maria Bamford) dosed him up with anesthesia. He obviously falls fast asleep and the scene pans over to Denise in the waiting room. She is reading Waiting Room Monthly when Doctor Barlow (Matt Braunger) proclaims that the procedure was a success however, there was a little hiccup. Stan won’t wake up and is in a coma.

Back to our hero, Nurse Pickles wakes up Stan from his anesthesia nap. There is a scream in the background and Pickles requests that Stan lays down while she checks it out. The camera pans out and the hospital room is in shambles, furniture knocked over, blood on the floor. This distresses Stan and he peeks out into the oddly familiar hallway. Nurse Pickles orders an orderly Daryll drag a man to his room whilst he screams. When she notices Stan, she escorts him back to the room. She explains to Stan that an outbreak took over the hospital and he needs to stay in quarantine. Promising him ice cream, another man screams, she darts to the hallway shouting, “I’m gonna cut you up!”. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Denise shows her authoritative side and tells Evie to get to the hospital right away.

Stan realizes he’s never getting ice cream and starts walking down the hallway when he runs into a little girl. Before he can get her to talk to him Daryll is back, with his eyes and mouth sewn shut. He bangs Stan’s head against the wall and drags him off into a room. He wants to sew Stan up too, but another man is screaming. Stan convinces him to go check on the other patient and Daryll complies. As soon as he leaves, the little girl appeared behind the door. She explains that she is scared and hiding from the doctors, they want her to be one of them, as she unties Stan. They head to the basement, looking for a way out unaware that Pickles is following them.

nurse pickles stan against evil

Source: Screenshot IFC’s Stan Against Evil Episode: Intensive Scare Unit

In the real world, Stan’s head begins to bleed for an unknown reason. Evie appears at the hospital with David Bowie face makeup, she is in a David Bowie scrapbook club after all. They head up to see Stan and he has a mysterious cut on his head. Doctor Barlow believes the only way to save Stan is by cutting his head open but, Denise wasn’t going to let that happen. She took Evie’s gun from her purse and tells Barlow he better get them a wheelchair, because Stan is leaving! Now they’ve got to get him home, Weekend at Bernie’s style.

Back in Stan’s mind, he and the girl are walking through the hallway when she gets dragged away. Pickles catches up to Stan and quickly chases after the girl. She’s still afraid to become one of them but Stan explains he won’t let that happen. Pickles begins giggling and mentions that the girl can go but Stan must stay. Someone, Claire, saved his life once and now he wants to pay it forward. Suddenly, Pickles turns into Gerard and states that Stan is ready to let in Horess and take on Eccles. The little girl then turns into Horess and Gerard tells Stan that his death will restore the balance of the universe and that he must let Horess in. Stan agrees when suddenly, he hears Denise and Evie chanting. They got him home, drew a pentagram around his body, and started saying the astro-reunification incantation. Before his mind is reunited with his body, Stan lets Horess in.


I am not ready for this season to be over and I really hope Stan can find a way to manipulate the situation. I understand he needs to do what’s right for the greater good, but I’m just not ready to let go of him. If there is no Stan, how can he be against evil? Perhaps Evie and Denise will take over? Or maybe the show will just be done.

The other thought that crossed my mind is, I was right about Denise! She is becoming so mature that even if Stan does die, I think she will be okay. I mean she’ll miss him obviously, but I don’t think she will be as damaged as she would have been in previous seasons. It would be interesting to see her and Kevin living in Stan’s house. What would his ghost say about that?

Finally, I love the little details such as Waiting Room Monthly. In the last episode Leon was reading a magazine about buckets. These details usually escape me and I’m ecstatic to be finding them. Passion and dedication is in every inch of this show and I for one, am thankful.

waiting room monthly stan against evil

Source: Screenshot IFC’s Stan Against Evil Episode: Intensive Scare Unit