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OLIVER IS PUT TO THE TEST — Oliver (Stephen Amell) finds himself in a precarious position. SCPD shows up with a warrant for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). – The CW/Arrow

The episode picks up right where last weeks left off with Oliver and company trapped under rubble. Everyone appears to be fine and together except Oliver who is somewhere by himself. Oliver may not be entirely by himself as he sees Tommy.

Meanwhile the Sergeant is taking Felicity in and looking for the rest of the team as Emiko released the tape to them. Before the police can take her in Felicity with Alena’s help  knocks em out with some tech thing and they escape.

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Photo Source: Arrow/ The CW

Back in the future, Felicity and company are still trying to take down Galaxy One and Archer.

Oliver is still trapped under rubble and clearly imagining Tommy, ironically Oliver is trapped just like Tommy was. With some help from Tommy Oliver is able to break free of the rubble. Oliver renounces Emiko as family when talking to Tommy.

Oliver’s bow is destroyed but he does have a couple trick arrows left, including the explodey kind. In talking to Tommy it sounds as though Oliver plans to kill Emiko. I believe Tommy is there to talk him out of it.

In the future, William, Mia and Felicity are working on a way to mask their DNA from Archer.

Felicity is able to reach John, Dinah, Roy and Rene and warns them about SCPD while Oliver and Tommy rig Oliver’s bow to work. Oliver tries to use a bomb arrow to clear some rubble but it work to no avail.

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Photo Source: Arrow/ The CW

Things aren’t so easy for the rest of the team as the building continues to fall apart and Roy contemplates turning himself in. Things get even worse when the power turns back on and Felicity warns them that that could cause the building to go boom. Felicity and Alena give them 8 minutes to turn the generator off before the building goes boom. Making things worse the level in which the generator is on is filled with poison gas. Oliver is underneath all that.

Oliver continues to argue with Tommy about Emiko and fathers. He again tries another bomb arrow, this one being the last.

Roy goes on a suicide mission to turn off the generator but we all know he’ll succeed as he is still alive in the future. Everyone is all worried for like a second and thinks he is dead but then he isn’t—shocking.

Trouble comes to Felicity and Elena this time when Emiko invades the Arrow Cave. Felicity tell her she’s pregnant, so Emiko kills the power and then apparently leaves. What was the point of that?

Oliver finally bomb does the trick and escapes from the floor and Tommy. Tommy continues to try and reason with him but Oliver resolves to do what has to be done to stop Emiko, it’s like he has digressed backwards.

The gas does seem to be affecting Roy and he needs to take a break. Dinah stays behind with him and eventually forgives for killing the two guards.  She even calls him a hero, real sweet stuff.

In no time the Arrow Cave is back up and running but Emiko had to have done something.

In the future Felicity is still trying to protect William and Mia, so she benches them and goes out with Roy but it looks like William plans to handle it on his own by meeting with the Galaxy One CEO again.

Team Arrow and Oliver finally reunite just in time for Emiko and some friends to show back up. Of course a fight breaks out. The place is still about to crumble though and they need to flee but Oliver won’t until he stops Emiko.

Emiko promises Oliver his family will die. Oliver holds her at arrow point ready to shoot. John comes up behind and tries to stop him but Oliver fires one right at her chest looking as if she’s been killed. Suddenly behind John calls Oliver revealing that he to has an arrow in his chest and then plummets off the catwalk they were on landing on the ground next to the rest off Team Arrow who also has arrows in their chests.

At this point I concluded Oliver was still hallucinating. Tommy then appears behind Oliver and proves my hypothesis true.  Tommy tells Oliver to lean into the best parts of him to stop Emiko, not the angry violent part. Now Team Arrow really reunites with Oliver and he properly sends off Tommy. Team Arrow finds him trapped in the rubble.

Team Arrow gets back to the cave and it is then that Felicity tells them that Emiko stole some arrow. They are then pinged an alert that the “Green Arrow” is firing arrows off at SCPD. The team is wanted criminals but that doesn’t matter to them.

In the future, William is off on his mission. Rene crashes his meeting but I think he is in on it. The CEO Dale excuses himself and then returns with some Archers. Another trap. Apparently Alena is the one that stole Archer and sold it, but apparently she was coerced. But anyways now she’s back in the future to help bring Archer down. And then Archer busts in on them.

In the present the SCPD is being destroyed along with the officers. Emiko stole the subway weapon again. Oliver chases Emiko to the roof. It’s the final showdown but Oliver refuses to kill her and she escapes leaving Team Arrow to deal with the incoming police.

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